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January 20, 2016

Green Week update: 19 January 2016

Please note:

On Wednesday (20 Jan.) at 2.30 p.m. at the South Entrance the Green Week will surprise its 200.000th visitor with a basket of gifts from the Bio Hall.

Day tickets for tomorrow's Green Week will cost 14 euros. The Happy Hour ticket will be valid from 2 p.m. at a cost of ten euros.

Morocco: a partner country you can get close to

The Moroccans have devised a programme of entertainment that visitors can actively participate in. They can join in the daily cookery demonstrations, get to know differently prepared teas in blind tastings, or try to fold the Tuareg headscarf, the "tagelmust", in the traditional way. A henna artist will also explain the way in which the different types and colours of Moroccan henna are produced, and can also decorate visitors themselves with henna designs. As well as musical performances there will also be courses in how to play traditional Moroccan instruments. More details about the programme can be found at

Hall 18, Contact: Krizia Schroeder, T: +49 (0)6151 6272342, M:

Czech Republic: healthy rye bread and fine jams

"Compared with last year we have doubled our stand area and also have one third more exhibitors on our Czech combined stand", says the very satisfied stand director Dr. Emerich Vacek. In addition to several regular exhibitors many new firms are participating this year. The Kolacek bakery is one of them, and is concentrating exclusively on various types of rye bread made with unleavened dough. The Supremus company is presenting high quality jams at the fair, in which only fruits from the Hrubӯ Jesenik mountains are used. The Rudolf Jelínek distillery has been participating for many years, and its exhibits include slivovitz with honey, William's pears and also kosher alcoholic beverages. Three times each day there will also be sampling sessions for the various products. Goulash and potato soup, as well as Prague hams, and black sausages from Nemec farm can all be tasted free of charge.

Hall 8.2, Stand 109, Contact: Dr. Emerich Vacek, T: +420 (0)221 812097, M:

Blueberries from Chile

Blueberries from Chile are being exhibited this year for the first time at the Green Week, with the slogan "Make it blue". During the winter most of the blueberries to be found in German greengrocers come from Chile, the world's largest exporter of these tiny fruits. Large quantities of blueberries are available each day on the stand for visitors to sample. The highlight is a 2 metre high Moai sculpture from the Easter Islands. Anyone who has a selfie taken with it can enter a competition, organised by the Chilean Fruit Export Association ASOEX, ProChile and the Chilean Blueberry Committee.

Hall 8.2, Stand 122, contact: Michael Roos, T: +49 (0)160 4422441, M:

New professional centre for trade visitors at Marshall-Haus

For the first time trade visitors attending the Green Week can obtain exclusive information about new and innovative products from the exhibitors. A Professional Centre has been set up at Marshall-Haus by Messe Berlin in cooperation with the trade publication Lebensmittel Praxis and the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA), where the 14 German states and the official displays by 30 countries are presenting their highlights, arranged according to product groups. Almost all of the items can also be sampled on the stands or at the information counter. Buyers, traders, caterers and F&B managers can find the information they need, and in addition the individual product sheets contain specific details as well as contact details about exhibitors at the fair. A lounge is also provided, with free wi fi, where trade visitors can relax over a non-alcoholic drink, and leaf through the latest publications on the trade press stand. The Professional Centre is open to trade visitors daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Friday.

USA: Cheeseburger chips and cakes from the toaster

Franck Addison has returned to the Green Week with a wide range of popular foods from the USA, some of them with amazing flavours. Following on from last year's success the owner of an internet shop in Mahlow has doubled his stand area in order to present even more outstanding products. These include 25 different types of Arizona Ice Tea and 17 different Poptarts from Kelloggs, the latter being sugar-coated cakes which are "baked" in a toaster but without sticking to anything. Enthusiasts can find familiar products in brand new versions, such as Milky Ways with peanut butter, M&Ms with a birthday cake flavour and Pringles chips that taste of cheeseburger. Among the best sellers are Rainbow Nerds, miniature hard caramels in different flavours, which produce a variety of different flavours in the mouth. A big hit, and not just in the USA, are Bean Boozled, jelly beans, as seen in the Harry Potter movies, that are supplied with a small wheel of fortune. No one knows if they are going to draw a blank and whether the bean-shaped sweet will taste of rotten eggs instead of popcorn, or of dog food instead of chocolate dessert.

Hall 7.2c, Stand 107, contact: Franck Addison, T: +49 (0)3379 20939200, M:

Fine jams and spicy chutneys from the United Kingdom

Once again this year Mike Vernon and his Fudge Shop are bringing a taste of Britain to the Green Week. Fine English jams from the Wooden company with flavours such as orange/whisky, strawberry/ and apricot/amaretto, as well as hot chutney from Darenth Valley with such imaginative names as Dragon’s Breath and Maiden’s Revenge have been added to the display. Visitors are also looking to re-acquaint themselves with such traditional items as teas, shortbread, mint sauce and the Scottish national dish of haggis (a sheep's stomach filled with onions, oatmeal, and pieces of sheep's heart, liver, lungs and kidney fat). Delicious fudges are, of course, being exhibited again, and customers can now choose from many flavours such as orange crisp, wild berry and sea salt.

Hall 7.2c, Stand 103, contact: Mike Vernon, T: +49 (0)173 2774395, M:

Uzbekistan gets ready to export to the EU

As visitors to the Green Week can see for themselves, Uzbekistan produces a lot more than just cotton. "We have come to Berlin to investigate the export chances for our foodstuffs, to improve our prospects and attract buyers for our fresh produce", explains Gapparov Muhammdhoij Abdukaxxarovich, Marketing Director for the Uzbek Government. A wide range of different cereals, vegetables and fruit are cultivated in Uzbekistan. Uzbek pumpkins are particularly popular in other countries too. "We are keen to export to Europe and are therefore using the Green Week to establish business links."

Hall 6.2, Stand 202, contact Gapparov Abdukaxxarovich, T: +998 71 2385611, M: