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November 14, 2014

Tea-brewing time on the Exhibition Grounds

The Herbs Spices and Tea Product Market: an adventure for the senses of taste and smell

Berlin, 14 November 2014 – Over one billion cups of tea are drunk each day around the world. On a global scale this makes this beverage second only to water as the most widely consumed drink. The Herbs, Spices and Tea Product Market at the International Green Week Berlin 2015, which is taking place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from 16 to 25 January, features exhibitors from all over the world with a wide and diverse range of teas. In 2013 German consumers drank 19,396 tonnes of tea, a 2.3% increase over the previous year. This corresponds to an annual per capita consumption of 27.5 litres, of which black teas accounted for 75.5% and green teas for 24.5%. In addition Germans drink 51.3 litres of herbal and fruit teas (in 2012, as reported by the German ministry of agriculture). It is due to the East Frisians that Germans continue to drink more black tea than any other kind. The genuine East Frisian blend is consumed there around the clock and, with an annual per capita consumption of 300 litres, the East Frisians are the world’s leading ‘tea-drinking nation’.

Some concise information about tea

Tea offers an almost infinite range of subtly differing flavours, from gentle floral notes to strong, almost harsh-tasting. Everyone who visits Hall 6.2b at the Green Week will be able to find their own favourite aroma. The exhibitors will be happy to explain how the cultivation area, climate, the nature of the soils, site, harvesting time and processing affect the quality and the aroma of the tea. India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and China are among the main tea-producing countries. Exotic as well as domestic varieties of tea are very popular during the winter months and are also constantly in demand at the Green Week’s Product Market.

Spices with recipes and sauces with instructions for use

The Herbs, Spices and Tea Product Market offers a fascinating experience, and not just for lovers of good tea. Providing a thematic link with the domestic appliances in the same hall, there is plenty to interest amateur and professional cooks alike, when they take a closer look at the countless pots and bags of selected spices on display. The exhibits include Iranian saffron, which is one of the world’s most expensive spices, masala rock candy from the Ganges delta, argan oil, various manually produced salts such as blue sapphire salt, grey salt, volcanic salt and many others. One exhibitor who will be attracting much attention is Norbert Hermann from Saarland, whose mixtures of spices are provided with suitable recipes printed on the pack. “The recipes are those which are particularly popular with consumers, such as venison goulash and bolognese“, explains Hermann. And Pepper King is the right choice for anyone who wants to stay warm during the winter in Berlin. It offers no fewer than nine different chili sauces, from Fireblaster to Jolokia Nightmare and Horror Trip Hot Sauce, and in the case of the latter it is essential to pay close heed to the instructions!