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October 30, 2015

Green Week 2016: 2nd National Display of Young Angus Cattle

On 19 January young beef cattle will be competing for the coveted award in the Livestock Hall (Hall 25)

Berlin, 30 October 2015 – For the second time the Bundesverband Deutscher Angus-Halter e.V. is organising the National Display of Young Angus Cattle at the International Green Week Berlin (15 to 24 Jan.). On 19 January 2016 German breeders of Angus cattle will be putting their young animals on show in the large arena in Hall 25 in a bid to win the competition’s coveted prize. In Berlin around 70 young cattle aged between eight and 24 months will be subjected to the critical gaze of the competition’s judges. Among the main criteria for judging an animal are well-proportioned legs, a sturdy body, muscles in the right places, as well as good looks and charisma.

Angus cattle are Germany’s oldest beef cattle breed and were already being imported from Scotland in the early twentieth century. Even then, they had a reputation for profitability and being easy to keep. A stable population began to flourish in Germany which breeders successfully adapted to market needs. Suckler cows are kept mainly for meat production as well as for grazing purposes.

Angus cattle are also in great demand abroad. In fact, no other German beef cattle breed can remotely match their export numbers. They are either completely red or black, have no horns and possess several remarkable features. These include an early reproductive age, 24 months for cows, which have no problems giving birth, as well as a placid nature and the ability to adapt well to their environment. Beef from Angus cattle is especially tender, good-tasting, and is sought after and appreciated in steak restaurants around the world.

Bulls averaging 145 centimetres at the withers weigh around 1,100 kilos and cows weigh approximately 700 kilos. In Germany around 34,000 suckler cows exist, of which some 9,000 are registered in the herd book, making them Germany’s third most populous beef cattle breed.

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