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October 26, 2015

Green Week 2016: Chance to experience farming live

The Farm Experience illustrates modern agriculture on the farm and in the fields

Berlin, 26 October 2015 – Only the Farm Experience gives visitors the opportunity at a fair to witness how agriculture in Germany works on the farm and in the fields. The organisers of this major attraction for the public in Hall 3.2 are inviting visitors to the International Green Week Berlin 2016 to find out about the many things the farming and food industries have to offer. From 15 to 24 January more than 60 partners will be providing an authentic insight into the world of farming and the industries belonging to it.

Focus on plants, animals and society

Every day in Germany safe foodstuffs, energy and raw materials of the highest quality are produced at affordable prices. Visitors to the three imaginatively arranged displays under the headings of ’Plants’, ’Animals“ and ’Society’ can find out how this works and the value chains that are involved. Every visitor, regardless of age, can explore fascinating and surprising aspects and obtain useful information, including the farming industry’s position as regards its responsibility towards society, animals and the environment. What is more, they can also enter into a dialogue with the decision-makers responsible for products from the food and farming industries.

At the ’Plants’ display, under the heading of ’Farming 4.0’, the focus will be on modern precision farming methods. Visitors will receive an impressive demonstration of how modern farming methods ensure production output in fields and orchards and be able to see that the industry combines innovation with a traditional approach. Modern tractors and agricultural machinery will show how an inventive drive, innovation and raw materials are helping to ensure that today’s farming industry is both efficient and saves nature’s resources. Consumers can follow the path of a product from the moment a seed is sown to when it appears as a loaf on the shelf of the bakery at the fair.

The Animals display will feature numerous highlights that visitors should on no account miss. A portable pigsty, complete with piglets, a modern cowshed with an automatic milking machine, as well as chicks which have just hatched will serve to illustrate topical themes that include keeping, breeding and feeding livestock, as well as health and food processing. Exhibitors will be on hand to engage in in-depth dialogue. Visitors can experience and witness first-hand how responsible and up-to-date livestock keeping combines animal health and protection as a result of technical innovation ensuring greater levels of sustainability. Using examples, a butcher’s display will explain how raw meat is processed and will be offering ’Currywurst’ and meatball snacks for visitors to savour.

At the ’Society’ display those represented will include the LandFrauen association, the agricultural social security organisation, members of forestry and horticulture as well as rural youth organisations, various churches and Deutsche Welthungerhilfe. All of these partners will be highlighting the wide-ranging socially relevant activities of the food and farming industries, thereby underlining the industry’s commitment towards society.

Anyone wishing to relax during or after a long day at the fair is welcome to do so at the Farm Experience. The new internet lounge will let visitors tweet and comment on the latest topics and a centrally located catering area will provide regional specialities courtesy of Spargelhof Jakobs from Beelitz. The stage of the Farm Experience can also be found here which will feature an entertaining programme with information on current farming topics. Interviews, quiz competitions, film trailers and cooking shows will ensure that visitors can take a relaxing break from the fair. The German Farmers’ Union and Modern Agriculture Forum will be located nearby, two stands that visitors cannot afford to miss.

i.m.a Wissenshof and child daycare centre at the fair

For Kindergarten groups, schoolchildren and young people und the i.m.a-Wissenshof with its ’wheat counter’ and many fascinating stops, along with the daycare centre, promises to be a major attraction.

The Farm Experience is a joint initiative of the German Farmers’ Union, the society information.medien.agrar and the Modern Agriculture Forum, under whose aegis the Farm Experience is being organised. More than 60 additional partners are involved. Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank is a major sponsor of the Farm Experience.

Photos of the Farm Experience: / Presse / Fotos / Vorschaufotos IGW 2016. Caption: a chance to experience farming live. All visitors need to do is visit the Farm Experience and come to the Green Week.

For more information on the Farm Experience:

Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft e.V., Wilhelmsaue 37, 10713 Berlin

Lea Fließ, press spokeswoman

tel.: +49 30 / 8866355-40, l-fließ