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Press Release

November 02, 2015

Green Week 2016: Fish and seafood from around the world

Seafood Market features 80 species of fish, crab and mollusc

Berlin, 2 November 2015 – Visitors to the International Green Week 2016 (15 – 24 Jan) will be able to savour an amazing diversity of fresh and tasty fish and seafood from the seas and oceans around the world which will be presented by the Hamburg-based Fish Information Centre (FIZ). At the Seafood Market in Hall 14.1 over 80 different species of fish, crab and mollusc will be whetting visitors’ appetites for even more culinary delights from our seas, rivers and lakes. There will be lots for both newcomers and fish experts to discover, ranging from local plaice, herring and cod to coral hind from New Zealand and tiger catfish from South America. And once visitors have seen every fish they can marvel at the various species of mussel, crab and mollusc displayed on a ten square-metre bed of ice. Scientists from the Max Rubner Institute will be on hand to give expert answers to any questions about nutrition on fish, crabs and molluscs.

Compared with other nations Germany consumes very little fish. In Iceland, for example, much more fish is eaten. In order to find out more the FIZ has invited representatives of the Iceland Responsible Fisheries to the fair. They will be bringing lots of fresh fish along and explaining how high fish consumption can take place while maintaining healthy fish stocks at the same time.

In Germany more and more consumers want to know where the fish they eat comes from, whether from sustainable fisheries or aquacultures. and in order to provide more information the FIZ will be showing the internet databases and Using these databases scientists will be explaining to visitors why they need not worry about consuming Alaska pollock, cod, plaice, salmon and shrimps and how they can organise their shopping list to combine enjoying fish while ensuring their sustainability.

For those whose appetites have been whetted but are not expert cooks the chef of the FIZ will be hosting a cooking show and providing some useful cooking tips that are bound to succeed, for example frying with baking paper and without fat. Visitors will also be able to test the results for themselves.

For additional information on the Seafood Market:

Fisch-Informationszentrum e. V., Dr. Matthias Keller, Sandra Kess

Große Elbstr. 133, 22767 Hamburg, tel.: +49 40 / 3892597, fax: +49 40 / 3898554,