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November 12, 2015

Green Week 2016: DJV display in a natural setting in Hall 4.2

There are 250,000 registered hunters in Germany

Berlin, 12 November 2015 - Modern, in a natural setting and at a new location: for the first time the display by the German Hunters’ Association (DJV) at the International Green Week Berlin 2016 will be located in Hall 4.2, where hunters will be passing on their knowledge to visitors from 15 to 24 January. They are the people to ask when wild pigs dig up playgrounds, when martens make their home in the roof space, or when raccoons raid the refuse bins. Thematic `islands`, videos, brochures and face to face discussions are all being used by the DJV, the organisation that represents some 250,000 hunters, together with various partners, in order to provide information about all aspects of hunting. The ‘Field Habitat Network’ project also features ‘Biogas from Wild Plants’, the plants in question being those which are beneficial to wild animals and are being used as an alternative to maize in the production of biogas. Staff from the Hunting Dogs Association will be explaining whether a particular breed is suitable for hunting purposes. The Order of German Falconers, the world`s oldest organisation dedicated to falconry and the protection or raptors, is also represented. Huntsmen will also be demonstrating that the production of a venison goulash or a fox fur are the result of humane hunting methods which are standard practice in Germany and at the same time also help to protect various species of animals.

The authentic biotope being created by the DJV is the ideal place for finding out the differences between raccoons and martens, or how closely related the pine marten and the beech marten are. With the skilled support of the team at the Nature Education Centre, visitors of all ages can test their knowledge about indigenous animals in an exciting quiz on an area measuring some 170 square metres. The Nature Education Centre is an initiative that has received a UNESCO award for the second time in its 25-year existence. Visitors can, of course, also find out what different types of game taste like. Fresh specialities made with game from Germany are available each day, in the form of hearty goulash, meatballs made with game, and delicious hams. A whole range of specialities can be sampled and purchased here, under the slogan ‘Game from the Regions’.

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