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October 22, 2014

Quality pedigree breeds at the World of Pets

Pedigree cats, dogs, lizards, insects and other pets in Hall 26

Berlin, 22 October 2014 – From 16 to 25 January 2015, when the International Green Week Berlin opens its doors, all sorts of animal noises can be heard at the World of Pets which will be keeping visitors entertained. In Hall 26 extraordinary and exotic animal breeds as well as Germany’s most popular pets will be going on show to the public. Breeders and clubs will be providing information on the correct care of animals and for the first time on age-related diseases

Germany’s pet market worth over 3.9 billion euros

In Germany pets are a firmly established part of the family. According to a recent survey by the market research institute Skopos, in 2013 Germans kept an overall 28 million pets which lived in 38 per cent of the country’s households. At 11.5 million, cats are Germany’s most popular pet, followed by dogs (6.9 million). Furthermore, there are 6.1 million small mammals living in German households of which dwarf rabbits are the most popular breed (3 million). At over 3.9 billion euros, the overall turnover in pet supplies in the specialist food trade was 1.1 per cent higher than the previous year.

New findings from the world of pets

Cats used to be regarded as typical loners, Nowadays, we know that they need plenty of attention and a social life. At the Green Week Verein Berliner Pro-Kat e.V. will be exhibiting some beautiful breeds such as maine coons, ragdolls, British shorthair and Siamese cats. Dogs are social animals and in the wild they spend their entire lives together in packs. They need their owners to give them care, attention and patience. As far as pedigree dogs are concerned there will be lots of action throughout the entire fair. Alsatians, beagles, leonbergers, poodles, King Charles spaniels, eurasians, dalmatians, basset hounds, Yorkshire terriers, dachshunds, greyhounds, Lhasa apsos, Tibetan terriers, spaniels, kuvasz dogs, fox terriers, spitz terriers – the list of pedigree dog clubs taking part is long. Information will be available on how to care for a dog’s coat, on how prospective owners should choose the right dog as well as what to do once they own a puppy.

The German Aquarium and Terrarium Association will be putting on an attractive display of aquariums and terrariums. The Private Zoology Museum of Berlin will be inviting visitors to admire their many stick insects, praying mantises, giant millipedes and African bullfrogs.

Age-related animal diseases

Animals get older in the same way as human beings do and the Berlin Chamber of Veterinarians will be devoting time to the topic of older animals. Cats with kidney problems, dogs with dementia - these are terms that are by no means foreign to the animal world. There will also be a focus on the topic of food for animals.