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March 12, 2018

Finland is the partner country of the Green Week 2019 - The ‘land of a thousand lakes’ offers pure nature and culinary experiences of a special kind

In 2019 Finland will be the partner country of the International Green Week Berlin (IGW), marking the first time that a Scandinavian country will hold this title. A corresponding agreement was signed by Dr. Juha Marttila, president of the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), and Dr. Christian Göke, chief executive officer of Berlin GmbH. The ’Land of a Thousand Lakes’ has been at world’s largest consumer exhibition for agriculture, the food industry and horticulture since 1980 and next year will celebrate its twenty-fifth participation in the fair. The IGW 2019 will take place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds (Berlin ExpoCenter) from 18 to 27 January 2019.

Dr Juha Marttila, president of the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK): “The International Green Week gives us a unique opportunity to present Finland as a country which combines food and drink innovation and technology with pure arctic nature and sustainable production methods. Finland aims to expand and increase its food and drink exports. In 2016 the most important export product groups were dairy products, alcoholic beverages, meat products, chocolate, other sweets and oats. The International Green Week provides us with an excellent opportunity to communicate the uniqueness of our products to German and international audiences and obtain feedback from a large number of consumers.“

Dr. Christian Göke, chief executive officer of Messe Berlin GmbH: “Finland’s participation represents the first time a Scandinavian country will be the partner country of the Green Week, where it will be the centre of attention from experts and many thousands of consumers. No other event offers a partner country such an efficient marketing platform for its regional specialities and food products. The Green Week is the place for trade and contacts, a test market for products and marketing strategies, and guarantees the partner country outstanding media attention and a huge audience. Finland’s agriculture will reap long-term benefits from the fair.”

Specialists in arctic agriculture

Finland specialises in arctic agriculture and has succeeded in breeding strains that thrive in the bright sunlight of cool summers. Thus, there is worldwide demand for Finnish oats due to their special quality and properties. Finland is currently one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of oats. Where cattle farming is concerned, Finland has made great efforts to ensure the protection of health and livestock.

Marttila: “In Finland, antibiotics are used only in livestock treatment, not as a precaution. Finnish dairy, egg and meat products are free from salmonella due to strict regulations. In Finland, every piglet keeps its tail and every hen and broiler its beak. Our food production methods set an example for the whole world.“

EU’s northernmost agricultural state

Finland is the EU’s northernmost agricultural state. Its farming areas extend from the 60th parallel in the country’s south to the lakelands of Central and Eastern Finland, and to the wilderness of Lapland above the Arctic Circle. Clean air, water and soil along with dark, cold winters and summers when the sun never sets make Finland a country of unique and pure flavours from the fields, stables, forests and lakes.

Finland’s food sector specialises in innovative food and drink products whose high quality can be attributed to the country’s clean water, air and soil. Finland is known as the ’Land of a Thousand Lakes’. However, 70 per cent of its land surface is covered in sustainably managed forests. These are a source of innovative and sustainable products as well as outstanding seasonal products from the wild, while acting as a carbon sink and offering excellent recreational opportunities.

EU Council presidency in the second half of 2019

“We want to present Finland as an attractive country where visitors will want to come to relax, simply enjoy the pristine tranquil countryside, the landscapes of the north, experience culinary delights and visit our cities. Finland will also take over the EU Council presidency in the second half of 2019“, Marttila added.

Adiditional information:

Dr. Juha Marttila, president of the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), tel.: +358 405441076.

Klaus Hartikainen, press spokesman and communications director, MTK, tel.: +358401692060, email: