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October 19, 2018

Animals everywhere at the Green Week 2019

Halls 25 and 26 alive with domestic animals and pets, some well known and some rare

Halls 25 and 26 at the International Green Week Berlin 2019 will be loud and full of life between 18 and 27 January. The sound of hundreds of pets and domestic animals, some popular and some rarities, will be heard, and the smell of the farmyard will be hanging in the air too. Among the highlights will be two national shows for sport ponies and robust ponies, polo, and the Green Week’s leading indoor equestrian event HIPPOLOGICA, as well as displays featuring farm animals and the endangered bred of the year. Visitors should make a point of seeing the “WORLD OF CATTLE” in the pens at the Livestock Hall, No. 25, with more than 20 different breeds of cattle, each of which has its own specific purpose. The Association of German Native Sheep Breeders will be presenting all kinds of fascinating details about various breeds of sheep and goats and their uses in agriculture.

FN National Stallion Shows for Sport and Robust Ponies

The national champions among sport and robust ponies will be chosen at the start of the Green Week. The 5th FN National Stallion Show for Sport Ponies (18-20 Jan.) will begin with some 90 four- to twelve-year old stallions representing five breeds, German riding ponies, New Forest ponies, Connemara ponies and Welsh ponies in Sections A, B and C, as well as Welsh Cobs. They will be followed on 21 and 22 January by a presentation of some 70 four to twelve-year old Shetland, German part-bred Shetland, German Classic, Dartmoor, Dülmen, Fell, Highland and Mérens pony stallions. The competitions are in the form of shows for specific breeds, in which both the external features as well as the gaits of walking and trotting are assessed. Sporting competitions are also included in the case of sport ponies, with the stallions being judged in free jumping and with saddles. A diverse programme of shows involving the participating stallions is also planned.

HIPPOLOGICA – the big event for equestrianism fans

From 24 to 27 January HIPPOLOGICA, Berlin’s largest indoor equestrian event, will be attracting the crowds, who will be able to watch four fascinating horse riding disciplines ranging up to Class S from the grandstand. Hall 26 next door will also have a wide-ranging programme for horse lovers. A second arena will feature presentations and teaching demonstrations, while at the HIPPOFORUM experts will have information on equine health and training. The exhibition area, which now occupies more floor space, will offer even more opportunities for shopping.

The Mangalica is the Endangered Breed of the Year 2019

The Mangalica is a livestock breed on the list of endangered species kept by the Society for the Preservation of Old-established and Endangered Breeds of Domesticated Animals (GEH). Orginally from Hungary, this woolly-coated hardy pig has become increasingly popular in Germany. Every year since 1984, the GEH has awarded the title of Endangered Species of the Year, thereby drawing attention to the loss in diversity among farming livestock. Due to the risk of contagion from African swine fever, no pigs will be on show at the Green Week 2019. However, the society will have lots of information about the Mangalica and other endangered livestock breeds.

Take a close look at domestic pets

The whole family can enjoy seeing these animals. Once again the Pet Experience will be in Hall 26c with bipeds and quadrupeds, and every kind of furry, scaly and feathered pet. The organization Verein Berliner Pro-Kat e. V. is presenting such elegant examples of cats as the Siberian forest cat, Somali, Cornish Rex, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, British shorthair and Persian. The German aquarium and terrarium association Verein für Aquarien- und Terrarienkunde e. V. – Berlin-Brandenburg, is presenting a colourful and dazzling underwater world, Dogs will be on show each day on a special display area. They will include German Shepherds, Leonbergers, Poodles, Caucasian Ovatscharkas, Great Danes, Spaniels, Eurasians, Dalmatians, Basset Hounds, Yorkshire Terriers, Dachshunds, Greyhounds, Lhasa Apsos, Tibetan Terriers, Hunting Spaniels, Hungarian Sheepdogs, Fox Terriers, Spitzes and many other breeds. The Berlin Veterinarian Association will be dealing with queries about the correct and responsible way to care for dogs.

The private zoological museum, Museum für Tierkunde Berlin, will be delighting visitors with such animals as stick insects, praying mantises and bullfrogs. Hairy bird-eating spiders can be safely viewed in their terrariums. There are also rodents, bearded dragons and snakes, in fact, something for everyone. A local organization devoted to donkeys, “Esel-Freunde im Havelland e.V.” will be staging its own displays. Beekeepers from Berlin and Brandenburg are also attending with a large display of their swarms. The Alpaca Park Funke from Uckermark county will be presenting its gentle animals with their beautiful big eyes. All the information you ever wanted about your own pet is available from the many associations, breeders and experts here.