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December 11, 2018

Farm Experience at the Green Week 2019: Engaging consumers and farmers in a dialogue

  • 100 AgrarScouts for the consumer dialogue
  • Virtual farm visit by means of augmented reality
  • A close-up look at agricultural machinery and animals
  • Twentieth anniversary: Highlighting species diversity

A gulf has developed between consumers and farmers: a representative survey has revealed that two thirds of all Germans know “little or nothing” about agriculture. However, at the same time increasing numbers of people are taking an interest in where their food comes from, the conditions under which animals are kept, and what substances are being spread on the land. In an effort to stimulate a more intense dialogue with the population about modern agriculture the Modern Agriculture Forum is joining together with some 60 companies, associations and organisations from the agricultural sector to organise the Farm Experience at the International Green Week Berlin 2019 (18 to 27 Jan.), which is now taking place for the twentieth time.

Highlights in 2019:

100 farmers acting as AgrarScouts


A total of 100 AgrarScouts will be on hand to talk with visitors to the Farm Experience about agriculture and to answer critical questions. These AgrarScouts are farmers who are experienced in engaging in a dialogue with consumers, and their aim is to show just how open and self-critical the industry can be. With its live calves, tractors, a combine harvester and much more besides, the Farm Experience provides the ideal setting for such activities. There will also be a quiz that visitors can use to test their knowledge in competition with the AgrarScouts.


Forum director Lea Fliess: “Next year we will be focusing even more on the AgrarScouts, and will be offering a number of different ways to ensure that an encounter with them becomes a memorable experience. We can be proud of this project, because the AgrarScouts provide something that cannot be matched by any brochure. They are authentic, they do not want to lecture but to engage in a genuine dialogue, and they will not shy away from answering critical questions either. Their practical experience and personalities make them our most important bridge between rural areas and urban society.”


A close-up look at agricultural machinery and animals


Sample milk or get behind the wheel of a tractor – the Farm Experience enables visitors to gain many fascinating insights into modern agriculture. In addition to various items of farm machinery, 30 newly hatched chicks that will become laying hens, and a glass-walled bakery, there will also be a varied programme of stage events, and plenty of attractions for children too. Other highlights will include the traditional parade of Product Queens and Kings (20 Jan.) and a mobile pig sty, a completely new development intended to address consumers’ questions in greater detail, for the benefit of people who have never been inside a pig sty before.

Visit a virtual farmyard with the aid of augmented reality


This exploration of modern agriculture is made possible by the actual visit and a digital experience in the form of 360-degree videos and 3D animation. Invitations are being extended by three farmers for a tour around their farms, in a virtual form. Computer-assisted augmented reality will be used to bring fields, livestock sheds, greenhouses and even the farmer himself to life before your very eyes. To create this multimedia journey three large containers have been converted so that, while looking at an iPad, visitors can actually touch the cows’ feed fence or the header on a combine harvester, and learn what function these items have in agriculture.


Twentieth anniversary: Highlighting species diversity


The Farm Experience has been an integral part of the Green Week for 20 years now. During this time it has increasingly become a place where the farming industry can engage in a dialogue with consumers and politicians about forward-looking agriculture that is supported by society. To mark this anniversary a special event will take place highlighting species diversity. Over the ten days of the Green Week visitors will be able to help build a huge insect hotel, which after the fair will be installed on a farm. Thus city-dwellers and agriculture can jointly contribute to protecting species diversity in farming areas.


The Farm Experience (18 – 27 January 2019) is sponsored with funds from Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank. It will open officially on day one of the fair from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. on the stage in Hall 3.2.

The Twitter feed at @modernelw and our website at have the latest on the Farm Experience.

About the Modern Agriculture Forum
Farming associations, organisations and companies all belong to this forum. Their common aim is to provide information on modern farming and to encourage a dialogue between society and agriculture. These activities all take place under the umbrella of the brand ‘Modern Agriculture. Knowledge we all share’. The forum currently has 62 members and is supported by more than 200 farming operations.

About AgrarScouts


Many people, particularly in cities, are increasingly conscious of maintaining a healthy diet and expect a modern farming industry to not only provide sufficient food but also treat livestock and the environment in a responsible and sustainable manner. The Modern Agriculture Forum offers special training in order to prepare farmers and agriculture students for a dialogue with consumers. It supervises the AgrarScouts, brings them together and coordinates their activities nationwide – from an Open Day on the Farm to the International Green Week in Berlin. More than 600 AgrarScouts have received training since the project began.

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