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December 11, 2018

Green Week 2019: Lángos, bricka and insect bars: The Market Hall offers a new culinary experience in Hall 1.2a

Popular street food adds an international touch to national offerings


The mere thought of street food immediately whets one’s appetite for more. It has also long conjured up images of something different to a typical ’currywurst’ or kebab takeaway. New food trends and variations of well-known dishes such as algae pies, Mexican burritos or spicy chicken wings from Korea are becoming increasingly popular with adventurous consumers. And naturally, without these unusual delicacies the International Green Berlin 2019 would be incomplete. Thus, from 18 to 27 January, inside the Market Hall (1.2a) a rich and colourful mix of sweet and savoury dishes will be inviting visitors to enjoy a new culinary experience.


Dishes will include vegetarian street food from Africa (authentic couscous variations and bricka sweet n´spicy with sweet potatoes, chili and coriander), vegan lime/cucumber-flavoured ice cream on a stick with a slice of cucumber, barbecued Hungarian trout, Finnish cheeseburgers, Chinese dumplings in chili oil and Japanese ramen soup, Peruvian delicacies (ceviche, causa, quinoa, chia, pisco sour, chicha), Hungarian lángos (filled dough pancakes), vegetable fingers and Dutch poffertjes. Even fried insects and insect bars will be on the menu. Lastly, craft beers, fruity cocktails, liquorice and coffee-flavoured liqueurs, fresh coffee and tasty cheesecake schnapps will invite visitors to round off their tour of the Market Hall.