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January 21, 2019

Green Week Update – 21 January 2019

The number of the day

7.5 tonnes

As heavy as a truck, the five largest bulls Condor, Makur, Olliver, Elton and Kaftan at the “World of Cattle”.

Topics of the day at the Green Week

Green Week 2019: Minister President Woidke opens the Brandenburg Day

Chicken candies, eel, spritzkuchen (gingerbread biscuits), liqueurs, gherkins, chocolate, cakes, beer, water… It was roughly in this order that exhibitors presented their specialities to the Minister President during his tour on the Brandenburg Day. Dietmar Woidke and his Minister of Agriculture Jörg Vogelsänger enjoyed sampling these products and were clearly delighted to meet the people behind the stands in a mutually friendly atmosphere. All of the Harvest, Asparagus and Dairy Queens received a hug from the state premier. “You are doing the right thing”, said Woidke, praising the videos and brochures on the stand for humane poultry farming. “Yes, the meat is more expensive”, but it is worth it. And of course the Minister President waved the conductor’s baton as the police orchestra played the state’s anthem “Märkische Heide”. And finally Woidke was present when the baton for the traditional harvest festival was handed over from Amt Neuzelle to this year’s host, Passow in the Uckermark region.
Hall 21, Stand 155, contact: Jens-Uwe Schade, tel.: +49 172 392 72 02,

#Ministryoflife: Smart technology enables trees to speak

“Precision horticulture protects the environment, makes a more efficient use of resources and is sustainable, as well as ensuring that fruit is of a high quality.” The theory that Helene Foltan from the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Technology and Bio-Economics (ATB) summed up in one sentence can be experienced in a practical form by visitors to the small apple orchard in bloom in Hall 23a. A clever combination of smart technologies enables the trees there to “speak”: Optical sensors on the apples reveal how much water and chlorophyll the fruit contains, a dendrometer measures the diameter of the trunk and branches, while sensors in the ground indicate the soil humidity. A drone equipped with a camera circles the trees supplying information about the growth height, the diameter of the crown, foliage and fruit density. All this autonomously registered data is fed into a farm management system which will, in the future, assist growers to supply the right amounts of water and nutrients to their fruit orchards and to determine the ideal moment for harvesting.
Hall 23a, stand of the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Technology and Bio-Economics, contact: Helene Foltan, tel.: +49 331 5699-820

Partner country Finland: A nature paradise in the north

Finland is advertising itself as a travel destination to visitors at the Green Week. As well as nature and adventure travel it wants to promote culinary trips for enthusiasts who will be able to learn a lot about Finnish cuisine, the country and the people. Finland has a lot to offer: interesting architecture, spectacular natural phenomena – such as the northern lights – and overnights in unusual hotels, ones made of ice for example, converted lighthouses, or a former prison in Helsinki, to name only a few highlights. A visit to the sauna is always a must, for that is a part of Finnish life. Visitors to the combined stand of the lakeland region of Saimaa can get a foretaste of  the experience inside a cabin where they can briefly find some peace and calm and listen to natural sounds away from the bustle of the fair.
Hall 10.2, contact: Nina Parzych, tel.: +49 174 307 0019, email:

From the “Lions’ Den“ to the Green Week: Pook Spa Foods

Following the massive success of its roasted coconut chips, Kanokporn Holtsch, founder of the start-up Pook Spa Foods, is now presenting new rice chips which are available plain or with mango or curry. For visitors to the Thailand stand at the Green Week this is the first opportunity to sample this product, which will be launched commercially in three months time. An appearance in the TV start-up show “Lions Den” in October not only enabled this entrepreneur to find an investor but also gave a huge boost to sales of these vegan chips, which are available in three varieties, sea salt, mango and chocolate. “Within an hour 200,000 bags were ordered online, and within 24 hours 1.6 million orders were placed by private individuals and retailers”, the head of the company reports. Stocks were sold out for several weeks. Production capacity at the home base in Thailand has now been tripled, and more than 50 people are now employed there. More flavours are being introduced in July.
Hall 6.2, contact: Kanokporn Holtsch, tel.: +49,162 2183807, email:

As popular as ever – fish sales in Germany exceeded 3.9 billion euros in 2018

The most popular fish in Germany is salmon, closely followed by Alaskan pollock, herring, tuna and trout. “These five fish species account for more than 75 per cent of all the fish eaten in Germany”, according to Matthias Keller from the Fish Information Centre, speaking at the Green Week. In 2018 retail sales of fish in Germany had a value of nearly 3.9 billion euros. This is an 8 per cent increase over 2017. Keller has brought over 40 different kinds of fish, 20 types of shellfish, and five different crustaceans to Berlin, in order to demonstrate to children, students and adults the diversity offered by our oceans, and some rare and exotic species are also included, such as grouper and greater amberjack. And on the counter there are poached, boiled and baked squid and octopus for visitors to sample.
Hall 14.1, Stand 104, contact: Dr. Matthias Keller, telephone: +49 3 89 25 97, email:

Forest bathing, the latest trend at the Green Week

Visitors to the Green Week will find a little island of recreation in the Wood Hall, No. 4.2. Against a woodland background, a screened-off area is provided where visitors can sit down and eavesdrop on a forest meditation, smell the trees and hear the sounds of the woods. “There has been a very good response to this attraction, which is the latest trend. Forests have been designated as healing areas in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, where people can recover from the stresses of everyday life”, explains Ulrich Dohle from the German Forestry Association. For the more actively minded there is a climbing wall or they can row to support the planting of a new forest in Treuenbrietzen. Each tree, donated by a tree nursery, will be planted during the course of the year. On the basis of this campaign, part of the Green Week since 2016, 12,100 trees have already been planted in Treuenbrietzen in previous years.
Hall 4.2, Stand 505, contact: Ulrich Dohle, telephone: +49,170,792 85 53,

From all over the world

Green walnut jam and pine bud syrup from Romania

Four local campaigning groups from Romania are presenting their specialities to visitors in Hall 18. These include many types of honey, obtained, for example from the mountains, rape flowers, acacia and mixed flowers, jams made with green walnuts, cornelian cherries, rose hips, plums, apple and buckthorn, and sloes, buckthorn and pine bud syrup, red, white and rosé wine as well as fruit wines, fruit liqueurs made from plums, cherries and pears, blackcurrant and cherry liqueur, chicken meat products, various sheep’s cheeses, sausages and other meat products, as well as a variety of items made from and with lavender. Visitors can also sample the well-known plaited bread, either with nuts, sugar, coconut or cinnamon. Artistic handmade items such as blouses and various kinds of scented cushions complete the display by Romanian exhibitors.
Hall 18, Stand 103, contact: Paula Fogas, tel.: +40,743 11 80 88 , email:

Republic of Macedonia: Investing in agribusiness

The stand of the Republic of Macedonia is aiming to attract investors who want to support agribusiness projects and help develop rural areas. “The projects in question are awarding five-year contracts“, says Mihaela Mihajlowska of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy. In order to promote organic farming the government is also offering financial support, adds Vasko Gjorgjievski, who works for the ministry. Zivko and Goran Pejovski want to whet visitors appetites for traditional Macedonian cuisine with local dishes such as vegetarian spreads and the country’s wines. The experience includes listening to ’Narodna Muzika‘ which is played live on the stand. “They are very popular hits in Macedonia“, says Goran Pejovski.
Hall 6.2a, Stand 126, contact: Mihaela Mihajlowska, tel.: +389 2 3230 429,

Trdlo and smazak from the Czech Republic

There are 17 exhibitors on the Czech combined stand at the Green Week, including Budweiser, Kozel, Ferdinand, Konrad and Bizon, the latter with the country’s strongest dark beer, as well as three other breweries from Moravia. The Jelinek company, for example, is displaying spirits made with Williams pears and buckthorn, as well as slivovitz, and “Elixir from Aronia”, while Hamé is exhibiting preserved cucumbers, liver paté and ketchup. Indiana is presenting dried meat, there are buckthorn products from Cvrcek, including juice, jams and buckthorn with honey. The two bakeries, Havlik and Kral, have many different kinds of salted breadsticks on offer, while Tajemstvi Ramdam is exhibiting cake mixes and pastry products. As stand director Dr. Emerich Vacek explains, “Trdlo” is a typical Czech pastry made, for example, with cinnamon, sugar, almonds or walnuts, and is available on the Precimat stand.” In the restaurant visitors can enjoy such national dishes as roast pork with cabbage and dumplings, a fried cheese by the name of smazak and, as a dessert, old-style Bohemian blintzes with blueberries and whipped cream.
Hall 8.2, Stand 109, contact: Dr. Emerich Vacek, tel.: +420,221 81 20 97,

Hazelnut specialities from Piedmont make their debut at the fair

Alberto Quazzo is the fifth generation of his family to manage a hazelnut plantation back at home in Piedmont. He sells these premium nuts not only roasted but also processed to make delicious creams, dragees with different chocolate coatings, and tasty cakes. This is his first visit to Germany and he is exhibiting his premium products in the Italy hall at the Green Week, which is once again the scene of keen business activity. There is plenty to appeal to fans of Italian cuisine, from selected truffles to premium salami and buffalo cheese to olive oil from Tuscany, Sicilian almond paste biscuits and, of course, gelati.
Hall 17, contact: Alberto Quazzo, tel.: +39,338 2657622, email:

Liechtenstein: Whisky-beer and nutty cheese, for a complete change

Whisky beer from Liechtenstein is proving to be a big seller at the Green Week. The beer is allowed to mature for nine months in wooden casks and tastes of malt and vanilla. It is a strong beer with 10.7 per cent alcohol by volume. Served with it is a mature cheese that can be either mild, strong or nutty in flavour. The cheese is made with local organically produced milk supplied by 42 dairy farmers in the principality. Proportionately, more organic milk is produced in Liechtenstein than anywhere else in the world.
Hall 17, Stand 120, contact: Bruno Güntensperger, telephone: +423,233 47 47,

Hungary: Donkey sausage – mild, very hot or with paprika

In Hall 11.2 visitors can find handmade items such as strudel and chocolate, pickled home-grown vegetables, traditional products such as smoked sausage, cheese and wine, and also herbs, cold-pressed oils and attractive handicrafts from Hungary. The BORSÓ stand has full-flavoured sausages made from pork, mutton and venison, in both mild and spicy versions. This exhibitor has brought donkey sausage for the first time, either mild, very spicy or with paprika. The adjoining stand is serving its own freshly baked strudel. There is a choice of 15 different kinds including with poppy seed, curd cheese, apple, pumpkin and poppy seed or chestnut. Fuchs-Tej, attending the Green Week for the eighth time, is presenting all kinds of cheese made with sheep, goat and cow’s milk. The menu in the restaurant on the stand lists some typical regional dishes, such as gulyas soup and pörkölt, a stew made with beef and red paprika. For dessert there is somloi galuska, a biscuit cake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
Hall 11.2, Stand 101, contact: Réka Szakter, tel.: +36 1,450 88 19,

Marmite and haggis – despite Brexit

Mike Vernon has been representing his home country at the International Green Week with English and Scottish specialities for many years, and says Brexit will not change that. “It’s all speculation up to now“, he says and remains unmoved by events. Perhaps he will have to fill out customs forms again and maybe his goods will be a bit dearer. This year Vernon has added Heritage porcelain from Stoke-on-Trent to his range of teacups. Fans of the royals can also buy commemorative cups with portraits of Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, on his stand, where they can also find typical products such as lemon curd, mint sauce, Marmite and Scottish haggis. His wide range of fudges now includes a flavour called ’Roché’.
Hall 6.2, contact: Mike Vernon, tel.: +49 173 2774395, email:

“Egg Liqueur Canadian Style” makes its debut at the fair

This year, for the first time, the “Firewater” (whisky with maple syrup) on the Canada stand at the Green Week is being accompanied by a new creation. The Gareis family, which has been representing the North American country at the fair for decades, and without any state assistance, has produced an “Egg Liqueur Canadian Style”, which is served in waffle dishes. This rather mild combination has met with a good response among long term female visitors in particular, according to junior chef Fabian Gareis. The display also includes the much sought-after “PermaFrost” liqueur with peppermint and cinnamon, as well as the popular Moosehead beer.
Hall 7.2b, contact: Marie-Luise Gareis, tel.: +49 9401 1281,

Made in the USA:Peanut butter & Hershey’s chocolate

Anyone searching for typical American products at the Green Week this year should pay a visit once again to Franck Addison. The truly colourful range of delicious products from the United States includes Hershey’s chocolate, peanut butter and Pop Tarts, as well as Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix with corn syrup. New additions include Herr’s buffalo, jalapeno and cheese flavoured chips, grapefruit and green apple Fanta, as well as cranberry Sprite.
Hall 6.2, contact: Frank Adisson, tel.: +49 3379 20939200, email:

From Germany’s regions 

The appeal of Saxony and of its food and drink

“Saxony can be enjoyed at any time of year and with all one’s senses”, according to the state’s Minister of Agriculture Thomas Schmidt. “Our presentation in Hall 21b at the Green Week in Berlin is intended to encourage people to come to Saxony and also to taste some of its attractions.” A total of 33 companies and associations from the state are meeting this challenge. There are four new or returning exhibitors this year: Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke GmbH from Radeberg, Pasta Saxonia from Pirna, Reichenbacher Wurstfabrik Walter Schaller and Wurzener Nahrungsmittel GmbH. Visitors can also sample some newly created beers such as Feldschlösschen Kellerbier naturtrüb and craft beers such as those from Stonewood Braumanufaktur, pure and natural grape juices, hand-made pastries with herbs and spices, refreshing ice creams, hearty meat and sausage products, speciality cheeses and delicious fish from Saxony.
Hall 21b, contact: Frank Meyer, tel.: +49 351 56 42 00 60, email:

Brandenburg: Traditional baking skills – regional environmental protection

The Exner bakery from Beelitz is attending the Green Week for the seventh time, and once again it has brought some new creations which have also been available in specialist outlets since the start of the fair. This year master baker Tobias Exner is combining regional environmental protection with some traditional baking skills: With his Potspresso bread and Potspresso doughnuts Exner has lent even more emphatic support to the Potspresso initiative, the clean deposit cup system introduced by the Potsdam citizens’ foundation. For each Potspresso loaf sold the foundation receives 20 cents, and 10 cents for every doughnut. On the stand in Hall 21a the bakery is offering its own limited edition Potspresso deposit cups with a flatrate coffee for just 15 euros. This offer is valid until 28 February 2019 on the stand at the fair and in all the bakeries outlets.
Hall 21a, Stand 128, contact: Andrea Feustel, tel: +49 (0) 163 511 20 82, email:

Cocktails from an aerosol can, in a freezer bag or on a stick

When it comes to unusual ways of serving tempting cocktails, there are no limits to the imagination. Three Berlin start-ups are presenting their latest ideas at the Green Week. For people on the move who want to enjoy a drink Aerodrinks is offering a choice of five, from caipirinha to tequila sunrise, in convenient 50 millilitre aerosol cans. Another start-up, Skadi, is offering its Frozen Cocktails “made in Berlin”. Drinks such as gin and tonic or whisky sour come in small freezer bags, like ice lollies, to save space in a domestic refrigerator By means of a special process the alcohol is enclosed in the drink and is frozen with it. The founder of the company, Luca Ohl, hit on this idea as a result of his previous jobs selling ice cream and as a barman. Karolina Stich, who has started a company called Eisqueen, has also developed a method of freezing alcohol. She offers eight different cocktails on a stick, from champagne to pina colada.
Hall 21b, contact: Andreas Enz, tel.: +49 160 9662736; Luca Ohl, tel.: +49,176 85511666,
email:; Karolina Stich, tel.: +49,173 4352716, email: