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October 22, 2015

Green Week 2016: 5th National Fleckvieh-Simmental Show

Over 100 of the best animals from all German breeding regions

Berlin, 22 October 2015 – One of the highlights of the display in the Livestock Hall, No. 25, at the International Green Week Berlin 2016 (15-24 Jan.) is the 5th National Fleckvieh-Simmental Show. From 15 to 17 January it will feature more than 100 of the finest examples of these cattle, which are being presented by German breeders. This event, which is divided into six categories, has acquired an outstanding reputation among specialists in Germany and abroad. The show is being judged by an internationallly renowned breeder, Michael Robson (Northern Ireland) and will be accompanied by lively discussions between German breeders about the continued development of the breed. Running parallel with the National Show will be a symposium by the European breeders of these cattle, the Europäische Vereinigung der Fleckviehzüchter (EVZ), which will be attended by delegations from all the European breeding areas. Judging will take place on Saturday, 16 January, and the prize-winning animals will be shown on Sunday, 17 January, when there will also be an EVF symposium on the subject of "Meat from Fleckvieh Cattle".

Germany has the largest registered population

Fleckvieh-Simmental is the breed of brindled cattle used for beef production and is the end result of four decades of consistent and careful selection from the large potential offered by dual-purpose cattle. Genetically well established, the breed now occupies a leading position in a wide range of beef breeding programmes. With of 12,000 registered working cows and some 170,000 suckler cows, for beef production purposes Fleckvieh cattle are certainly one of the most economically important and most numerous beef cattle breeds in Germany, as well as being the largest registered population of this breed in Europe. Fleckvieh-Simmental cattle have proved their effectiveness under both intensive and extensive farming conditions from the Alps to the Baltic and the North Sea. Other advantages include the excellent milk production by the cows, the very good fattening qualities of young bulls, and the natural absence of horns.


Fleckvieh Simmental, No. 1 in Germany / Press / Photos / Category "Preview photos IGW 2016".

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