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Press Release

December 10, 2015

Green Week 2016: Partner country Morocco

One thousand and one nights at the Green Week in Berlin

Berlin, 10 December 2015 - The partner country Morocco presents its impressive product range with the flair of an oriental city life at the world’s biggest exhibition for agriculture, food and gardening. A stroll through “the Medina”, the ancient part of North African cities, is a feast for the senses. Partner country Morocco brings the labyrinth of alleyways and the diversity of colors, products and smells into the trade fair halls of International Green Week 2016 (15.-24.1.). Inspired from the architecture of the Kingdom's imperial cities Marrakech, Fès, Rabat and Meknès, the Moroccan pavilion 2016 is an authentic reconstruction of a typical Moroccan Medina. From spices, olives, capers to dates, couscous and lentils up to Argan oil and rose blossom water: the exhibitors will present the whole range of Moroccan product diversity.

A culinary journey through all regions

The Moroccan trade-fair appearance in hall 18 reflects the country`s extremely diverse landscape: coast, lowlands and forest, desert and mountains. 55 exhibitors, cooperatives and associations, from all regions want to show their local products. Terra-cotta colored oases villages and date palms, national park areas with ceder and oak forests, olive tree- and citrus fruit plantations, beaches, fishing boats and snow covered mountains: The exhibitors welcome their visitors not only with the local specialties, but also with atmospheric images of the different Moroccan regions. Visiting the Moroccan pavilion means traveling through all landscapes during a culinary journey around the country. Enjoy, for example, organic food products like prickly pear seed oil, cactus nectar, dates or honey from Sahara provinces. Or taste the variety of couscous, the essential ingredient of the Moroccan cuisine: The Moroccan booths present exotic couscous variations made of barley, wheat, millet or corn, seasoned with black cumin, garden cress or linseed oil.

Morocco is the only producer of the precious Argan oil worldwide. The oil is produced for consumption as well as for cosmetic uses. Besides the tasting, visitors can also discover cosmetic creams and soaps originating from Argan oil. “Red gold”, that is how Moroccans call their saffron. Visitors of the mountain region within the pavilion of the Green Week cannot get past the noble spice. In addition to saffron, products from rose blossoms and almond products are also among the local goods.

Morocco to touch

The Moroccan hospitality is just legendary. Visitors of the partner country’s booth will be able to feel this on every corner of the colorful and lively Medina. Here, you will be invited to a traditional mint tea or spoiled with a range of culinary delights. The Moroccan entertainment program invites to join in and explore Morocco with all senses. There is something for everybody: Visitors can participate during the cooking demonstrations or discover the different preparation methods of tea during a blind tasting. They can have a try with folding a “Tagelmust”, the traditional head covering of the Tuareg, around their heads. Those with a musical side may want to try out some of the typical Moroccan music instruments.

Morocco is the first non-European partner country in the 90-year history of International Green Week. From January 15 to 24, 2016, the country of "one thousand and one nights" is within touching distance, in hall 18 on the Berlin exhibition grounds.

Press contact for the partner country Morocco:

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