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Press Release

January 25, 2014

25 January 2014

Editorial departments please note:

Tomorrow, the final day (26 January) the Green Week will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cost of a Sunday ticket is 10 euros.

The number of the day: 47 million euros

Expenditure by visitors to the Green Week totalled approximately 47 million euros. Per capita they spent 114 euros. Of this total, an average of 22 euros was spent on the consumption of food and beverages at the fair. In addition the value of the goods ordered amounted to approximately 92 euros per visitor.

From Estonian specialities to jam championships – a full programme of events during the weekend at the Green Week

In all the halls at the Green Week there was no let up to the activities during the final weekend. Until Sunday evening visitors are invited to come to the historic “Olde Hansa“ restaurant in Hall 8.2 by Estonia, this year’s partner country. Many of the country’s typical specialities can also be sampled and purchased on the surrounding stands, appropriately enough to the sweet sounds of Estonian folk music. Many of Germany’s federal states are also providing musical entertainment, for example on the stages of Thuringia (Hall 20), Brandenburg (21a), Saxony (21b), Bavaria (22b) and Saxony-Anhalt (23b). To the sound of a rousing brass band, visitors to the Bavaria hall can attend small seminars where experts will be able to advise them about the cheese, wine, beer and fine brandy that can be sampled there. In Hall 6.2 a Japanese exhibitor is organising noodle-cooking and tea sampling sessions. A short distance away a producer of herb teas from Vietnam is testing the market opportunities for his ginger teas in Germany. In Hall 6.2 visitors to the fair can sample not only Vietnamese but also several Thai dishes, and can also enjoy traditional dances. Not far away, in Hall 5.2, a culinary studio from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania extends an invitation to go on a culinary voyage of discovery. On Sunday at the fair (26 Jan.) in Hall 23a there is an opportunity for the whole family to get involved in activities intended to promote healthy eating. None of the children will want to miss seeing the large livestock such as cattle, horses and sheep in Hall 25, and small animals, including cats, dogs, fish and reptiles in Hall 26. Always popular with people of all ages are the presentations of pedigree dogs and cats and the opportunity to take a close look at a reindeer or an alpaca. At the Farm Experience in Hall 3.2 visitors can even see a modern milking parlour in action. Among the highlights on the final day in 2014 are the final rounds of the competition for professionals and amateurs of the 1st German Jam Championships.

Hall 8.2, Stand of the partner country Estonia, contact: Bernd Schwintowski

tel. +49 (0)30 30 100 100, email:

Enormous interest in Estonia

Visitors showed an enormous interest in this year’s partner country, Estonia. The success of their typical regional specialities at the Green Week far exceeded the expectations of the team on the stand. As a result, by the half-way stage of the fair many products were already sold out and had to be re-ordered. For example, after three days at the fair all the bear meat had been consumed and the historic restaurant ”Olde Hansa“ was the only place where dishes containing bear meat could still be sampled. Shortly afterwards the supplies of grilled sausages and burgers made from elk meat also ran out. Even the very hot “Pöltsamaa“ mustard sold out, and all the “Vana Tallinn Creme“ liqueur had been drunk. ”We underestimated visitors’ enthusiasm for Estonian foodstuffs, and their appetites“, admitted Roomet Sõrmus from the Estonian Chamber of Commerce. After only a few days 3,600 elk sausages, over 500 elk salamis, 300 elk meat hams, 250 tubes of mustard and 350 bottles of liqueur were already sold out. “However, we were able to react and order new supplies“, added the stand director.

Hall 8.2, Stand 121, contact: Bernd Schwintowski,

telephone: +49 (0)30-30100100, email: