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Press Release

October 23, 2014

“Where ideas grow” - Hall 23a: an informative show of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Berlin, 23 October 2014 – The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is making preparations for an especially informative and entertaining show at the International Green Week Berlin 2015. Taking as its slogan ’Where ideas grow’, from 16 to 25 January the focus in Hall 23a will be on ideas for breeding plants and related research. Where are new apple strains developed or roses bred that are disease-resistant and adapted to our changing climate? Visitors can enjoy the fascinating experience of an eco-friendly approach to plant breeding in the horticultural world: how does vibration or extra oxygen impede a plant’s natural growth? Furthermore, the organisers will be exhibiting modern, energy-efficient greenhouse designs for growing ornamental plants.

Bees remain an indispensable part of the food production chain. The special show in the middle of the hall will have information on what bees do and on working with and protecting bees.

Another key topic at the special show of the BMEL is that of ‘soil’. In 2015, the International year of Soils, the focus will be on the importance and value of fertile soil as the basis for the existence of humans, animals and plants. Demographic change is one of the challenges facing rural regions. This is where it is important to create an attractive environment for people of all ages, for young people as well as the elderly. That includes ensuring local food supplies, services, medical care, providing communications and cultural entertainment. For family-run farms in rural areas it is very important to have alternative sources of income which can be obtained by qualifying as a Farm Experience manager, for example.

The displays showing villages and regions which rely on bio-based energy sources demonstrate the diversity and benefits of exploiting renewable raw materials, particularly biogas and wood. Examples of especially promising sources of income in rural regions are regional products as an expression of rural identity and customs, as well as relaxation and tourism.

The consumer advice section at the exhibition will be focusing on the clear labelling of foodstuffs, food inspection and food safety, and visitors there will be able to find out about quality seals and online consumer advice.

The BMEL campaign with its slogan ’too good for the bin’ will be providing valuable tips on how to avoid wasting food and make use of leftovers. In 2015 there will be much on offer again for both young and old, including for families and schoolchildren. The focus will be on information and fun, and the cookery and baking studios will be sure to provide visitors with a culinary experience. Rounding off the show will be a programme of stage events with celebrities from politics, industry and the world of entertainment.

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