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November 20, 2014

New glasses for new beer

Germany’s brewers present a diversity of flavours, the growing popularity of innovative craft beers, and home brewing equipment

Berlin, 20 November 2014 – The beer display in the proBier hall has been redesigned to show visitors to the International Green Week Berlin the wide range of bottled beers that is available, and to allow them to sample some of the many different brands. There will also be an opportunity to sample new flavours in Hall 12, from 16 to 25 January, in the form of craft beers. The exhibiting breweries will include Privatbrauerei Ernst, Max Leibinger, Paulaner, Bergquell Brauerei Löbau, Warsteiner Brauerei and others. There will also be a selection of Belgian beers, details about many aspects of the brewing process, and equipment for home brewing.

Dry hopping, barrel ageing or bottle fermentation

According to the German Brewers’ Federation (DBB), per capita beer consumption is just over one hundred litres annually. This makes beer second only in popularity to coffee among the beverages enjoyed in Germany. And new ways are constantly being found to increase this diversity. These include dry hopping, ageing in wooden casks or bottle fermentation, the rediscovery of craft brewing methods of the past, or creative innovations: the possibilities are almost limitless.

Innovative beers – innovative glasses

The latest trend is that of innovative craft beers, with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Breweries such as Lemke in Berlin are carrying out bold experiments using the basic raw ingredients of water, malt, hops and yeast. The end result is the creation of completely new flavours: fruity, flowery, spicy, bitter-sweet or with coffee, vanilla and chocolate notes. The largest selection of craft beers is being presented by Dérer Import GmbH, with more than 200 varieties from the USA, Austria, and even Italy and Norway. The right choice of glasses is also important to allow craft beers to release their full range of aromas. While the traditional tulip-shaped glass is ideal for enabling a pilsener to develop its full aroma, aromas of greater complexity require more bulbous glasses such as the teku mug, because they can only be appreciated in all their diversity through the sense of smell.

Beer for home brewers and amateurs

The ‘Braumeister’ from the Speidel company in Baden-Württemberg makes every genuine beer enthusiast’s dreams come true. Now they can brew their own favourite beers in the comfort of their own homes. Basically every kind of beer can be brewed in coppers with a capacity ranging from 20 to 500 litres: such German specialities as Altbier, Berliner Weisse and Kölsch as well as the cloudy Zwickelbier. All the stages in the brewing process take place in a single barrel, and the patented malt pipe system enables the wort to be automatically agitated, which means that home brewers do not have to stir it at all. Instead they can concentrate on creating a beer to suit their own particular taste.

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