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Press Release

January 24, 2015

Press Information: Green Week update 23 January 2015

Please note:

As in previous years, the Green Week will stay open later tomorrow, Saturday 24 Jan., from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The 25 stages are enticing visitors with an additional, colourful evening programme of music, dance and infotainment.

The number of the day

Each day at the Green Week staff at the Fish Information Centre (FIZ) produces 500 kilograms of ice in order to keep all the fish cool.

The 300,000th visitor is in search of the finest flavours

Mandana Wieland from Tettnang is ‘a newcomer to Berlin’. The 23-year old could not at first believe that she was the 300,000th visitor to the International Green Week 2015. This is the ideal trade fair for her profession: she is a cook, responsible for feeding personnel and participants in courses at the Humboldt-Institut, which teaches German as a foreign language. Together with her boyfriend she intends to find out about “everything to do with flavour” at the Green Week. The lucky visitor at this special anniversary of the fair received a hamper of Portuguese specialities and a bouquet of flowers.

Lebanon: Shukry helps visitors to stay fit

When the clinking of two fenjans is heard, Shukry Omairat and his cardamom mocca cannot be far away. Fenjan is the name given to the tiny cups in which mocca is served, and from his platform the Lebanese stand director is busy pouring out the tempting brew. Everyone in Hall 6.2 can hear Shukry as he invites people to taste just how good his coffee is, and visitors to the Green Week are queuing up for a cup. Together with his family he is also serving the popular parsley salad known as tabulé, as well as kafta meatballs. These and other typical specialities of the country can be enjoyed in the restaurant area, which is sumptuously decorated with carpets. And it is not hard for visitors to find a dessert, because there is plenty of choice on offer on the stand. Sahtein – enjoy your meal.

Hall 6.2, Stand 103, contact: Shukry Omairat, t: +49 152 34222488

Eddie and Marty liven the atmosphere up at the Irish Pub

As always, Eddie Smyth and Marty Byrne from the emerald isle are livening things up with singing, ensuring a traditional Irish atmosphere at this year’s Green Week. Guinness stout, Kilkenny beer, Stowford cider, Irish coffee and whiskey are all available at the Irish Pub, while visitors listen to their Irish songs. For those with a hearty appetite there is also Irish stew, made with lamb, onions, potatoes and parsley. Hall 8.2, Stand 104, contact: Thorsten Brix, telephone: +49 171 7877662

Exhibitor from Kenya is building schools at home

Models of elephants, giraffes and zebras in all kinds of different sizes can be found on the stand of Joshua Kandie. Besides beverages and jewellery he has also been bringing handicrafts from Kenya, his home country, to the International Green Week for many years now. He also sells genuine bush drums as well as Shiriki coffee, Tusker beer and, for the first time this year, ginger tea. Together with Klaus Schwenk, a friend from Augsburg, Kandie has set up the Pro Kapsogo initiative which supports a small village in Baringo County, about 300 kilometres northwest of Nairobi at 2,300 metres above sea level and situated in one of the country’s poorest regions. Construction of a school was completed in 2010 and planning is currently under way for a second one. Pumps and tanks are being built to enable water supplies. Furthermore, rural women’s groups are being supported with money so that they can buy cows, and also with goods such as sewing machines and bicycles. Fire engines from Germany have already been shipped to Kenya too. Hall 7.2a, Stand 106, contact: Joshua Kandie, telephone: +49 (0) 821 559632, email:

Denmark’s tempting display includes pölser, soft ice cream and liquorice

Dänemark Produkt Promotion GmbH has been representing Germany’s neighbour at the Green Week for the past 32 years. New additions to the display this year include liquorice and coffee specialities, while Danish soft ice cream is a favourite with visitors. Not only chocolate and vanilla, but also mango is a particularly popular flavour. Rounding off the display are the traditional pölser, hot dogs with red fried sausage, and of course the famous Carlsberg beer is an essential accompaniment.

Hall 18, Stand 108, contact: Contact: Jörg Wagner, t: +49 172 4409336, email:

Even Sarkozy thought Brazilian sparkling wine was champagne

Sparkling wines are a major component of Brazilian wine production: “Casa Valduga are among the best sparkling wines in Latin America”, according to Ronald Werner on the Brazilian stand, a fact that has been well known in the United States for many years. The national stand, operated by Jakob Gerhard GmbH, is offering samples of several of these sparkling wines, which are all made in accordance with the same strict rules that apply to the production of champagne. “Even President Sarkozy mistook a Brazilian sparkling wine for champagne when visiting the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff”, says Werner with a smile. The main wine producing region in Brazil is in the south of the country in the vicinity of Porto Alegre. Another area is around Recife, only eight degrees south of the equator, due to the unusual micro-climate found there. Chenin blanc, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz grapes all thrive here.

Hall 8.2, Stand 108a, contact: Ronald Werner, t: +49 172 3260613, m:

Riesling and Gewürztraminer from Luxembourg’s Moselle slopes

The name goes back a long way: the Sauerwein family were first referred to as wine producers on the upper Moselle in documents from the early 17th century. Nowadays they cultivate some 15 hectares of vines on both banks of the Moselle, in Luxembourg and in Germany. They have been attending the Green Week for many years and this time they are represented by Domaine Viticole Sonnenbuer in Luxembourg, which is run by Edith Sauerwein and is exhibiting a Riesling, Premier Cru Wormeldange Heiligenhäuschen, and a Gewürztraminer, Ehner Reisselt, from two different years. One can meet many regular attendees at the fair, and be assured of keen demand. Some 3,000 customers have been invited to visit the stand, and sales this year have increased substantially, according to Erwin Sauerwein, who operates the Sonenbuerg vineyard on the German side of the river.

Hall 7.2a, Stand 104, contact: Timo Sauerwein, t: +49 178 3309628, email:

Partner country Latvia: Deception with a postcard from Riga

During the Green Week the Latvian postal authorities have their own branch office in the Latvia hall. At the end of the fair the cards posted here will be taken to the Latvian capital, where they will then be dispatched to their addressees. Theoretically it is possible to deceive one’s friends that one has just flown to Riga, without really leaving Berlin. Visitors can also see a collection of stamps issued in Latvia, as well as the best examples of the country’s coins.

Hall 8.2, contact: Bernd Schwintowski, t: 0177-3066060

Tunisia has the freshest olive oil at the Green Week

What is certainly the freshest olive oil at the Green Week can be found on the Tunisian stand. “It was cold-pressed just ten days ago in the town of Sousse”, says stand director Chamssidin Ben Saad. The Deglet Nour dates are equally fresh, having been packed at the beginning of January 2015. Stand staff are selling both the red and the green spicy Harissa paste. “Green Harissa consists of grilled green paprika with garlic, onions and tomatoes”, explains his brother Abdelmonem Ben Saad, who shares the stand supervisory duties. Specialities from the Maghreb state are simmering on the stand, and include a stew containing beef, potatoes, chickpeas and carrots. It is also essential to have some brik, the pastry wraps that are a typical feature of North African cooking, and are filled with tuna, mashed potato and parsley. A small stereo sound system on the stand pumps out Tunisian hit songs, the staff on the stand sing along, and occasionally accompany the music with dancing and ecstatic drumming. Hall 7.2c, Stand 109, contact: Chamssidin Ben Saad, t: +49 176 72483204, m: