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December 09, 2019

Market Hall features street food and organic products

Foodies and gourmets visiting the Market Hall (1.2) can look forward to a rich selection of trendy dishes, beverages and special delights

Mexican burrito or Korean-style chicken takeaways and all kinds of wonderful-smelling pastries – everywhere around the world street food vendors offer hand-cooked snacks for immediate consumption. Street food is trendy, tastes good and offers an insight into the culture of the country it comes from. From 17 to 26 January at the International Green Week Berlin 2020 the Market Hall (1.2) is where visitors can directly find street food. Whether hot dog wraps from the USA, handmade Italian pasta, Hungarian langos or prawn crisps – the food stands will have a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes on offer. Exotic beverages and alcoholic drinks such as coffee with ouzo, mojito and cheesecake schnapps promise a new culinary experience. Visitors can also discover new trends such as super barley grass and insect snacks, both nutrient and protein-rich foods. The middle of the Market Hall is where visitors can come to enjoy their snacks and while away the time.

Organic products – more than a fashion

What originally began as a fad spread rapidly and attracted a growing following. Consumers have now fully accepted ‘organic’ as part of everyday life. This development is also reflected at the Green Week. There is not a single federal State or international display that does not feature organic products. For more and more people, their first choice is organically produced foodstuffs. As the shops and shelves continue to stock an ever-growing variety of organic products, so too Green Week exhibitors are presenting a wide range of displays that satisfy consumers’ desires by offering the full spectrum of organically produced foodstuffs. Whether they are concentrated in their own area in the Market Hall or featured on national and international combined food industry displays or by the associations marketing organic products at Messe Berlin’s new venue, Hall 27 – ’organic’ is the common green theme that runs through every hall.

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