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Press Release

November 19, 2019

“You decide”

At a special show in Hall 23a the focus of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is on consumers and the influence they have with their decisions

At the International Green Week Berlin 2020 (17 – 26 Jan.) the focus of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is on consumers and how they can influence the entire value chain. The presentation in Hall 23a will look at a wide range of decisions that consumers can make: what to buy in the supermarket, what kind of garden to create, food consumption habits and what to put on the table. It will also highlight how the political and scientific activities of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and its research institutions are shaping awareness in order to ensure consumers make conscious decisions.

You decide the food you buy

Visitors can find out how raising the level of animal welfare in livestock keeping influences the price of pork, and how much it must cost to sustain a farming family’s livelihood. At a virtual, interactive supermarket they can discover which labels are for organic food quality, regional provenance and protected marks of origin. Food inspectors will have advice for consumers on how to recognise the quality of fruit and vegetables and ways of keeping them fresh at home. The federal ministry will be demonstrating an apple laser to show how alternatives are being researched and developed to help reduce plastic waste.

You decide what goes on the table

Scientists are looking at how to reduce the amount of sugar, fat and salt in processed foods while preserving their flavour, known as reformulation. Using a touchscreen visitors can put together a healthier breakfast with reformulated foods – and find out on the spot what their alternative choices taste like. In mass catering environments too – be it for schools, workplaces or nursing homes – we are all able to influence what reaches the table.

You decide how much food goes in the bin

The BMEL campaign with its slogan Too good for the bins! raises awareness for sustainable food management. Food belongs on the table and not in the bin. The federal ministry will be offering useful tips on the best way to store food in the fridge for as long as possible. The BMEL has also developed a ’Best Leftovers‘ app, one of the federal government’s most popular apps, where users can enter the foods they have at home and get tasty recipes in return.

You decide how insect-friendly your garden is

Protecting insects begins on balconies and in gardens. Advice will be given on how, by ensuring lots of flowers and a wide range of plants, gardens can be made more insect-friendly and inner-city balconies can be transformed into minor biotopes. Additional information and interesting statistics can be found here:

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