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Press Release

January 19, 2020

Green Week Update – 19 January 2020

The number of the day
170 royal highnesses

were welcomed to the Green Week today by the Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner. These “queens and kings” are promoting products from their various regions.

Topics of the day at the Green Week

Floral Hall: Nature in all its diversity
The Floral Hall 2020 is greeting the impending spring with thousands of primulas, forsythia, tulips, hyacinths and white bellflowers. Visitors can take a break during their stroll through colourful rolling hills in order to take part in a blind tasting of fruit and vegetables. Terraced seating on the long side of the hall provides an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the atmosphere and the fresh air. And the creatively minded can take part in a flower and plant workshop where they can make coils of hair or door wreaths. Hall 9, contact: Nina Keune, telephone: +49,162,204 56 70, email:

BÖLN: ‘Bio cities’ promote organic food, sustainability and organic cultivation
Staff on the stand of the National Ecological Cultivation Programme (BÖLN) are providing information about many aspects of sustainable agriculture. Visitors can find out that chopped up commercial hemp is ideal as breathable house insulation or as filler for use in packaging. Wine and beer, produced in accordance with organic standards are also on offer. The Bio Cities Network supports organic cultivation, short transport distances and regional added value, and priority is given to the use of organic foodstuffs in public facilities. 14 cities have already adopted the ’organic’ label, including Erfurt and Darmstadt. Hall 27, Stand 310, contact: Elmar Seck, telephone: +49 228 68 45 29 26, email:

Multitalented Wood
Shirts made of cellulose, building insulation from wood fibre or car tyres made usíng the rubber from dandelions – the display at the fair by the Renewable Materials Agency (FNR) show the versatility of wood. With its Skills and Information Centre for Forests and Timber (KIWUH) the FNR is presenting materials and products made from renewable raw materials and will also be providing details about low-emission heating with wood. Visitors will also be able to learn how Germany is using its forests to combat climate change, one example being the planting of mixed woodland to help to stabilise the climate. Information about the condition of woodlands and their use is also available on adjoining stands, for example on that of the Berlin Forests and in the “Woodlands Inspire” arena. Hall 27, Stand 205, contact: FNR, Torsten Gabriel, telephone: +49 3843 6930 -117 , email:

Food trends

Cheese made from almonds as a vegan alternative
Vegan products are the latest trend: the alternatives to cheese sold under the Allgäu company’s Simply V brand have many uses, including as a spread on bread, as a substitute for cream cheese or for a topping on a tarte flambée. They are mainly produced using almonds, coconut oil, spices and carob flour, and without any soya or palm oil. These products can be found on the vegetarian shelves in supermarket chains such as Rewe and Edeka. Hall 1.2, Stand 142, contact: Corinna Sutter, telephone: +49 8387 924,845 12 , email:

Soft drink made from cocoa bean husks
Fizzy and with a touch of sourness describes this soft drink made from cocoa and sold under the name of “Pelure de Cacao” by the Berlin start-up kōkōjoo. It is made from an infusion of cocoa husks, which are obtained from Côte d’Ivoire. “Cocoa bean husks contain countless nutrients and less fat than the bean itself”, explains the founder and CEO D. Newende Kabore. This low calorie, sustainable and fair trade beverage does not contain any caffeine and will be in the shops soon. Hall 1.2, Stand 257, contact: D. Newende Kabore, mobile: +49 1573 333 028,

From all over the world

Mali: Enjoy the natural vitality of moringa leaves
For small and medium-sized producers from Africa the Green Week attracts a large number of visitors and potential purchasers of their products. This is an excellent opportunity for boosting the economic development of these countries. Malian producers, for example, have brought powder made from moringa leaves that can be mixed with many kinds of dishes or drunk as a tea. Its calcium content is 17 times higher than that of milk and it contains ten times as much vitamin A than carrots. Vetiver roof tea relaxes and purges the body. Hall 1.2, Stand 261, telephone: +221 33 8679480, email:

Denmark: Organic is in demand
A cheese dairy, a juice press and an oat mill from the island of Samsø can be seen on the Danish stand at the Green Week as outstanding symbols of organically produced foods. “Public demand is more for organic products than for sustainability”, according to Britta Tästensen, the stand’s project manager. In the centre of the display is a veteran bus, which her colleague Henrik Loff drove to Berlin to serve as a reception room for visitors. Fuglsang beer is available to drink, from the oldest Danish brewery, which also offers an organic beer. Hall 8.2, Stand 116, contact: Britta L.Tästensen, telephone: +45 61 88 46 71, email:

Morocco: Enjoy haute cuisine, but prepare your own mint tea
Haute cuisine from one of the country’s best catering companies awaits visitors to the Moroccan stand at the Green Week 2020. Chef Mohammad Rahal is preparing chicken, fish and couscous, sometime in a typical tajine and sometime in a modern way. Younger visitors are invited to take a look behind the scenes of the open view kitchen and try their hand at baking Moroccan pastries. During the traditional tea ceremony visitors can learn the correct way to prepare fresh mint tea, which is drunk everywhere and on any occasion. Twenty cooperatives are presenting their products. Hall 18, Stand 130, contact: Laura Speinger, telephone: +49 61 51 6 27 23 52, email:

Romania: Sheep’s cheese in fir tree bark
Anyone who is enjoying products such as sheep’s cheese in fir bark, smoked Black Sea shad and pike roe salad from Tulcea is either in Romania or visiting the country’s stand at the Green Week 2020. The Romanian Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development is also providing an opportunity for wine producers and distilleries to join the display. “We appreciate the opportunity to use the Green Week as a test market for Romanian products. The fair is also a good platform for conducting business”, says Daniela Popa on the Romanian national stand. Hall 18, Stand 120, contact: Daniela Popa, tel.: +40 21,307 24 33, email:

Azerbaijan is testing the market at the Green Week
Azerbaijan is visiting the Green Week in order to exhibit the country’s products to an international audience. ”Our pomegranate juices and wines as well as our fruit brandies are very popular “, said Mirza Babayev, an adviser to the commercial representation of Azerbaijan. Pomegranates are one of the country’s most important exports – production batches go to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and China and are sold out many years in advance. Nevertheless, the country is looking to take on the Polish market and establish itself on the German, French and Dutch markets as well. Hall 6.2, Stand 116, telephone: +48 224 04 00 26, email:

Mozambique: Banana flour, the super-food
Fine banana flour is obtained from green plantains and can be seen on the Mozambique stand. This gluten-free flour can be used to bake biscuits or cakes. When it is stirred in water or juice this mineral-rich super-food makes a very healthy beverage. Hall 1.2, Stand 258, contact: Henriques Jossefa Rupia, telephone: +258 847682611, email:

Qatar: Coffee and chocolate from the Arabian peninsula
This year locally produced dates, coffee and chocolate products from the desert state can be found on the Qatar stand. Coffee spiced with saffron and cardamom creates the flavour that is typically associated with the Arabian peninsula. “The coffee beans are from Colombia and Brazil, and some of our business contacts originated at the Green Week”, explains Ali Mohammed Al-Mohannadi, Head of Export Promotion for the Qatar Development Bank. Khabees is another typical item, and is a regional confectionery made with flour, oil and pistachios. The product on display on the stand is coated in chocolate. Hall 6.2, Stand 113, telephone: +9 74 44 30 00 00, email:

Mongolia: A premium poncho alongside the yurt
A brief excursion taking one away from central European gourmet food is available in the centre of Hall 4.2, which offers some exotic accommodation: The yurt is an eye-catching feature of the Mongolian display. Inside this tent there is an opportunity to relax a while from the rigours of the fair, while opposite it the Central Asian country is presenting clothing made from extremely soft cashmere, including a poncho and a scarf. They are made from the wool on the underbelly of goats, yaks and camels. Mongolia is also exhibiting leather accessories and natural body care products, such as buckthorn oil. Because of the extreme temperature differences in its country of origin this oil is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Hall 4.2, Stand 331, contact: Gereltuya Bat-Ochir: telephone: +49,173 6171609, email:

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