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October 24, 2019

’Nature in all its diversity’

With its display entitled ’Flowers – 1,000 good reasons’ in the Floral Hall (Hall 9), Landgard is showing a whole new world of blossoming, creative, useful and beautiful flowers and plants

From 17 to 26 January 2020, when winter in Berlin is still cold and grey, spring will appear in all its colours on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. That is when Landgard and the project entitled ’Flowers – 1,000 good reasons’ will let nature unfold in the shape of thousands of spring flowers and lively greenery in the Floral Hall (Hall 9) at the International Green Week 2020.

In 2020 the Floral Hall will be following a new design trend that stays true to nature in everything we do. Along with it, under the slogan of ’Nature in all its diversity’, flowers and plants will be returning to their normal habitat. A many-faceted spring landscape featuring flowers, grass and shrubs will make up the central design element of the hall. Paths crossing this colourfully arranged area will lure visitors away from the bustle of the fair and let them enjoy floral beauty first-hand. Visitors can participate in numerous activities where they can try out their creative skills and make beautiful pieces of work to take home. Thus, together with strong partners, and with their offer of exciting activities and prize competitions, Landgard and the project entitled ’Flowers – 1,000 good reasons’ will be inviting visitors to enjoy the fascination of flowers and plants in their natural habitat every day at the fair.

The world of allotment holders is changing

Allotment holders in Berlin are becoming voluntary producers of fresh air and green oases, experts looking after biodiversity, creators of spaces for “green learning” and organisers of places where one can meet. However, for decades allotment numbers have been in decline. Since the Fifties, in the area that used to be West Berlin, some 70,000 allotments have had to be given up and been built over, despite a rising demand for them around the city. Thus, in Hall 9 the Berlin Regional Gardening Association will be highlighting how important allotments are for a city that is worth living in, and the demands that Berliners are making to ensure future urban development adopts an integrational approach.

’Climate2go’ – future prospects for horticulture

Under the main heading ’Climate2go’, in Hall 9 the Horticultural Association (ZVG) will be looking at the important issues that will concern horticulture in the future. The range of topics will include the use of peat, plant health and greenery in cities. Horticulture is being affected by climate change in many areas. However, its products can help to reduce the former’s impact, by absorbing CO2, improving microclimate environments and not least by promoting biodiversity with a wealth of flowers and plants.

Shopping in the Horticultural Section

Surrounding the Floral Hall (Hall 9), the Green Week Horticultural Section in Halls 8.1, 10.1, 11.1 and 12 will invite visitors to go shopping. The huge selection there will include seeds, tubers, flower bulbs, accessories for balconies, patios and gardens, as well as greenhouses, conservatories and entire summer houses. Lots of products for homes and households will also be on display. In Hall 12, under the brand heading ’LebensArt’, an exhibition will be featuring seasonal products from the world of plants and gardens.

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