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Press Release

January 09, 2020

Opening ceremony on 16 January at the CityCube Berlin

Opening tour on 17 January begins on the stand of the partner country Croatia in Hall 10.2

The opening ceremony of the International Green Week Berlin 2020 (17 - 26 Jan.) will take place on 16 January at the CityCube Berlin, beginning at 6 p.m. Croatia, the partner country of the fair, is organising the programme of cultural events and the reception to follow, to which more than 3,600 guests of honour and delegations from around 100 countries have been invited. Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin GmbH, and Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller will hold the opening addresses. Afterwards there will be speeches by Chairman of the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries Dr. Wolfgang Ingold, President of the German Farmers' Union Joachim Rukwied, European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski, and Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković. Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner will open the 85th International Green Week Berlin.

Croatia displays its cultural wealth at the opening event

At the opening ceremony the partner country Croatia will be taking visitors on a musical tour of the Adriatic. The multi award-winning tenor Đani Stipaničev will bring the sound of Croatia to Berlin, accompanied by the celebrated theatre actress and singer Renata Sabljak. Folklorelektro, a young group of dancers and singers who combine Croatian folk and electronic music will provide another insight into Croatia’s wide-ranging cultural heritage and present traditional dancing wearing colourful local dress.

Partner country reception: culinary delights from Croatia

Croatian cuisine will be attracting visitors with specialities to everyone’s taste, and at the opening ceremony the 3,600 guests can discover this for themselves. Delicacies including kulen and dalmatinski pršut (Dalmatian ham), traditional cheeses, Zagorska purica (Zagorje turkey), olive oils, Croatian wines and a traditional beef dish from Croatian cattle native to Istria await the guests. These are just a few of the fresh products bearing the protected designation of origin label which are processed by Croatian chefs using traditional methods.

In the Croatia Hall (Hall 10.2) gourmets will also have an opportunity to explore traditional Croatian cuisine. Every day, this is where visitors can sample fuži s tartufima (pasta with truffles), lamb cutlets, seafood risotto, fish dishes, pašticada, turkey with mlinci (a thin pastry baked beforehand) and štrukli. They can also enjoy many other delicacies from a country well known for its diverse countryside, a wide variety of plants from farming production and a colourful cuisine.

Opening tour on 17 January at 8 a.m.

Together, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner and Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller will head the opening tour of the Green Week Berlin 2020. The tour will begin in the hall of the partner country Croatia (17 Jan., 8 a.m., Hall 10.2), where Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and Minister of Agriculture Marija Vučković of Croatia will welcome the visitors.

Important information for the press:

Opening ceremony on 16 January at the CityCube Berlin

Special accreditation is mandatory for the opening ceremony of the Green Week 2020 (16 Jan., 6 p.m., CityCube Berlin). A limited number of tickets are available for journalists reporting on the event. To register, please email

For members of the press admitted to the event access to the CityCube is via the entrance area to Hall 7, starting at 4.30 p.m. Please schedule your arrival to ensure sufficient time to check recording devices. Identity checks will be made, for which a photo ID is required. A cloakroom will also be available there. Media representatives will be provided with seating in the room and on the camera podium.

Camera teams and press photographers are located on a podium at the opening event. The distance to the lectern is about 25 metres and the lighting will adequately illuminate those speaking. A splitter box for audio recordings is also installed there. The guests of honour generally arrive around ten minutes before the opening ceremony begins. To enable you to obtain good close-ups you will also have an opportunity to come on stage, where you can film and photograph the guests of honour in the first row from a distance of around 2 metres.

Opening tour on 17 January at 8 a.m., beginning in Hall 10.2

Accreditation for the Green Week is sufficient for taking part in the official opening tour of the Green Week 2020 on 17 January. The tour will begin at 8 a.m. in Hall 10.2 on the stand of this year’s partner country Croatia. You can reach the location of the first photo opportunity via the north entrance (Hall 19 on Hammarskjöldplatz). Camera teams, press photographers and reporters who have received accreditation for the Green Week may attend.

Journalists who have not been accredited in advance can obtain a press pass for the Green Week on the same day from 7 a.m. at the press accreditation counters in the foyers of Halls 21 (Masurenallee) and 7 (Jafféstrasse). A map listing planned stops at which photos can be taken will be issued before the tour begins. Photographers commissioned by individual exhibitors may only take photos from their respective stand. Where this applies, please keep a written request issued by the relevant exhibitor to hand. No accreditation is required.

Additional information on the Green Week:

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