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Press Release

January 16, 2020

Green Week Update – 16 January 2020

The number of the day

14 African countries

are represented on a combined display at the Green Week for the first time. Welcome!

The topics of the day at the Green Week

#Lebensministerium: “You decide“

On Thursday, during a tour, Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner presented the hall in which her ministry is represented. Under the heading ’You decide’ the many stops there show visitors how foodstuffs are produced and what they contain, enabling them as consumers to make conscious decisions. For instance, they can find out how much fat, sugar and salt they are allowed to eat and the amounts contained in various products. The staff on the stand also offer courses on fruit and vegetables. Visitors can use a touch screen to design pigsties for better animal welfare and see how much the resulting pork produced would cost.

Hall 23a, contact: Jens Urban, telephone: + 49 30 185 29 34 58, email:

Klöckner warns against romantic ideas about farming

Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner warned against having romantic ideas about farming. “That is not how we will be able to feed people in 2050“, she said at a Q&A of the Association of German Agricultural Journalists on Thursday ahead of the Green Week in Berlin. Animal welfare and climate change were ‚“huge developments“ that were here to stay. And once it has been decided that this will bring about change “we must be at the forefront of the movement“, she said. She expected to hear ideas from both protesting farmers and those who argue against industrial farming on how things could change. “We need a combination of measures, including higher prices.“

Hall 23, Stand 100, contact: Jens Urban, telephone: +49 30 185 29 3458,


Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) series about digitalisation in agriculture wins VDAJ Award

How can drones be used to protect plants? What does a weedkiller robot do and what role does digital technology play in dairy farming? These are questions that were examined by a documentary entitled ’Landwirtschaft 4.0’ (Farming 4.0), which Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) produced for TV, radio and the internet in 2019. At the Green Week its editors Birgit Sommer and Uwe Langenohl were presented with the VDAJ Communication Award 2020 for their work by the Association of German Agricultural Journalists (VDAJ). Explaining their decision, the judges said that ’Landwirtschaft 4.0’ painted an easily understood, technically correct, entertaining and realistic picture of the challenges currently facing farming, and showed ways in which digital technology could provide solutions. Contact: Christiane Löw,, telephone: +49 6172 7106-188, email:

Bioland panel discussion: Reshaping agriculture together

At the Green Week the Bioland Association extended an invitation to a panel discussion on the challenges facing agricultural policymakers. The participants agreed that the mood in the farming industry was at an all-time low. The journalist and book author Dr. Tanja Busse has been observing a trend towards radicalisation among farmers. They were the ones suffering from helpless policies that lacked ideas, said Bioland’s president Plagge. Dr. Bernhard Wagner, a member of Bioland and managing director of Wassergut Canitz GmbH, called for a partnership agreement between society and the farming industry which should be negotiated with all parts of society. It was only possible to confront the ecological and health challenges together. Contact: Gerhard Wehde, telephone: +49 6163 23979-29, email:

From all over the world

On the trail of William Tell

Good luck shooting the apple! Shooting with a crossbow is this year’s attraction for visitors on the Swiss stand at the Green Week. They can also take part in a quiz in search of answers about Swiss foods, which have to be smelt, tasted or discovered. The prize is a holiday on Lake Lucerne.

Hall 4.2, Stand 200, contact: Heidi Schmieding, telephone: +49 171 4837873, email:

From Germany’s regions

Inside a cowshed with VR goggles

In the Lower Saxony Hall visitors to the stand of the Regional Dairy Farming Association of Lower Saxony can take a virtual tour of a cowshed. Real-life dairy farmers are on hand to answer questions about their work, animal welfare and climate protection. At the Milk Bar refreshments and snacks come in the shape of milkshakes and barbecued cheese.

Hall 20, 109, contact: Peter Wachter, telephone: + 49 511 34879-51, mobile: +40 173 9776667, email:

100 places to enjoy Bavaria

This year Bavaria is highlighting 100 different places as examples of regional culinary diversity at the Green Week. The Berchtesgadener Land region is responsible for promoting holidays. The organisation ’Interessengemeinschaft Bayerisches Strohschwein’ is demonstrating that this federal state takes sustainable farming and animal welfare seriously.

Hall 22, Stand 200, contact: Peter Issig, telephone: +49 89 2182-221, email:

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