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Press Release

January 17, 2020

Green Week Update – 17 January 2020

The number of the day
11,480 PACES
taken by the Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner during the opening tour of the Green Week.

Topics of the day at the Green Week

Development Ministry for fair chains of trade
The slogan chosen by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for its presentation at the Green Week is ‘Climate-aware and fair for a good life'. During his tour of the fair the Minister for Development Dr. Gert Müller emphasised the importance of agriculture for the economies of developing countries. “We are making the Green Week a fair week”, he stated. One of the tangible measures that he called for is the abolition of coffee tax on fair trade coffee as a means of giving this product a competitive advantage. Hall 1.2, Stand 200, contact: Kai Mirjam Kappes, telephone: +49 30 18 535-2892, mobile: +49,175,227 32 84, email:

Blümchen opens the Floral Hall
On Friday at midday Jasmin Wagner, a successful technostar of the 1990s under the name ‘Blümchen‘ (Little Flower), officially opened the Floral Hall, where she also presented her own collection of flowers and plants. Colourful pot plants have been decorated in the ‘happy techno sound’ with which Blümchen was associated in the past. Armin Rehberg, chairman of the board the Landgard growers’ cooperative, which is responsible for designing the Floral Hall, said that the aim has been to generate enthusiasm among young people for plants and flowers. This requires disseminators whose lives reflect their love of green products, and that makes Blümchen the ideal ambassador for this purpose.
Hall 9, contact: Nina Keune, telephone: +49 162 204 56 70, email:

The Incredible Sausage makes its international debut at the Green Week
Compared with a ’bratwurst’ pork sausage it has a far more positive environmental impact – an 80 per cent reduction in land use and 90 per cent less water, and 90 per cent less carbon dioxide is produced as well in the production of the Garden Gourmet vegan sausage made by Nestlé. This was revealed by the company’s manager Miguel Serrano during the international debut of the ’Incredible Sausage‘ at the Green Week. It is made from soya, carrots, paprika, beetroot and coconut oil, and should be in retail outlets by April 2020. By 2025 it is intended to only use soya produced in Europe, according to Heike Miéville-Müller, who is responsible for this brand in Germany. Hall 3.2a, contact: Alexander Antonoff, telephone: +49 69 6671 2557, email:

Hybrid tractor as a launch ramp for drones
A tractor combining all kinds of developments that are bringing agriculture up to date, from hybrid technology to providing a base unit for drones, can be seen and admired at the Green Week. Among the features of the 200 hp ‘Tractor Concept’ are four electric motors, one on each wheel, with the option of either powering a diesel generator or charging batteries. This arrangement not only produces fuel savings but also helps to reduce noise levels and pollutant emissions. It can handle the heaviest workloads for between ten and 14 hours. The cab provides a virtual office with real-time evaluation of all kinds of data, including that supplied by the accompanying drone, and if required the data can be acted on immediately. Hall 3.2, Stand 134, contact: Ute Possemeyer, telephone: +49 7131 6449 -440, email:

European Milk Board: fair prices for dairy farmers
During its press conference at the IGW 2020 the European Milk Board (EMB) drew attention to the difficulties facing European dairy farmers. Because neither organic nor conventional milk producers are able to cover their operating costs, this organisation, which represents their interests, is keen to implement a European-wide programme to encourage a more responsible approach to this market: Production would be cut back as soon as milk prices fell below the production cost. Furthermore, under the ‘Fair Milk’ label, dairy farmers in several European countries are marketing milk and dairy products from the sale of which 45 cents per litre are received by farmers themselves. This is one way that consumers can help to preserve family farming businesses. These products can be sampled on the DFM Vermarktungs GmbH stand in Hall 5.2, Stand 164. Hall 5.2, Stand 164 contact: Vanessa Langer, tel.: +32 (0)2 808 1935, email:

From all over the world

Versatile coconuts
Visitors to the Sri Lanka stand can see for themselves the many different ways in which coconuts can be processed. The Cosmoveda Detox company mixes coconut milk with turmeric or aloe vera. There is also coconut milk with spices, to simplify the making of curries. And for the first time visitors can acquaint themselves with a triple distilled arrak, sold under the Mendis brand name. This high-proof spirit is a speciality from this southeast Asian country. Hall 6.1, contact: AHK – German Economic Delegation to Sri Lanka, Andreas Hergenröther, tel.: +94 112314363/67, email:

Waffles shaped like the Eiffel Tower
This year for the first time the French combined stand at the Green Week features waffles, and what is more they are in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Philippe Bartherote from Toulouse is baking these fresh crispy pastries there, thereby ensuring a tempting aroma all around the stand in Hall 4.2. The waffles are available in several flavours, including white and dark chocolate, as well as milk. Hall 4.2, Stand 300, contact: Philippe Bartherote, telephone: +39,334,939 5001, email:

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