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December 02, 2019

Farm Experience with a focus on climate protection in agriculture

Agriculture is facing big challenges. On the one hand it has a considerable impact on our climate, on the other this means it can decisively influence climate protection through a modern farming industry.

From 17 to 26 January 2020 at the Farm Experience in Hall 3.2 at the Green Week, visitors can discover how agriculture is accepting responsibility in this area and the approaches it is taking to create solutions. Together with almost 50 partners, the Modern Agriculture Forum will have information on what the modern farming industry is doing to ensure eco-friendly production of foodstuffs.

Electric robots in the fields

Robots will play a major part in the farming industry of the future. At the Farm Experience visitors can already witness tomorrow’s solutions: in the future, low-weight, electrically powered autonomous robots operating in the fields with mechanical attachments will be able to positively influence their ecological impact and significantly improve the sustainability of the farming sector.

Tractors with eco-friendly fuels

What kind of fuels will power the farming industry of the future? The Farm Experience will be presenting three alternative powertrain concepts for use in arable farming. Three tractors will be shown using electricity, biogas and diesel which are produced by farming processes. With their potential for reducing carbon emissions compared with other fuels and because they come from local regions, biofuels and bio-energy are indispensable for protecting our climate.

Regional animal feed

Buying regional products generally has a positive impact on the climate. The same applies to farmers whenever they purchase animal feed. This usually comes from local or regional production which saves energy and reduces carbon emissions. Most of the various animal feed ingredients also come from Germany or other European countries. At the Farm Experience visitors can find out about the solutions the farming sector and in particular the animal feed industry are developing.

Dialogue with farmers

The people who produce our foodstuffs and are engaged in protecting the climate will also be on hand in the shape of one hundred ‘Farming Scouts’, i.e. farmers who are prepared to engage in a dialogue with consumers. Visitors will be able to discuss food and farming topics with them and ask all kinds of questions about the modern farming industry.

Experience the farming industry close up

For visitors who want to climb on a tractor, find out what the inside of a pigsty is like, or watch calves being fed, the Farm Experience in Hall 3.2 at the Green Week has been a major attraction for the public for many years. Besides the various stops where one can watch farming practices close up and find out about topics such as animal welfare, environmental protection and sustainability, there will be discussions, live demonstrations and on-stage cooking shows rounding off the farming experience in Hall 3.2.

One of this year’s highlights will again be a virtual visit to the farmyard. By means of AR and VR and its ability to expand one’s sensory perception a farming operation will come to life in front of viewers’ eyes. To facilitate this multimedia discovery tour of the modern farming industry a commercial container will be converted so that one can physically touch the unloader of a combine harvester while watching how the equipment is used in practice on an iPad.

 About the Modern Agriculture Forum

Farming associations, organisations and companies all belong to the Modern Agriculture Forum. Together, they aim to provide information on the modern farming industry and intensify the dialogue between the industry and society. These activities will be taking place under the heading ’Learning for all. The modern farming industry.’ The forum currently numbers 61 members and is supported by around 200 farming operations.

Impressions of the Farm Experience can be found in the press section at

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