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Messe Berlin Website
Datum der Veranstaltung:
17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Our Theme World: Animals

A classic - Our Animals

For city children, as well as animal and nature lovers, a visit to the Animal Halls at Grüne Woche is really worthwhile. The fair offers a wide range of animal-related attractions in Halls 25 and 26.

In Hall 25 visitors can experience many different breeds of a wide range of animals, including cattle, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and many more. The fair is also the venue for many German National horse and cattle shows. In 2023 we hosted the Sport Pony show of the FN (German Equestrian Federation).

In our pet and small animal area (Hall 26), you can get information on hairy, scaly and feathered animals – not only at the stand but also live in the activity space.

A little calf looking at the camera.

Animal Hall – Hall 25

One of the biggest attractions at Grüne Woche is our Animal Hall 25, where breeders present their farm animals.

Along with plenty of useful & interesting information, the animals are presented, 3 times/day in the demonstration ring: cattle, donkeys, mules, horses, sheep, goats or all of them together. Plan your visit to the arena for a really special show! Demonstrations took place daily.

Experts will be available at the exhibition stands to explain all about species-appropriate care and husbandry.

Other highlights include our national shows for various horse breeds (sport ponies, draft horses, fjord horses, robust ponies) and cattle breeds (Fleckvieh cattle, beef cattle "Schwarz Rot Gold - Robust", Angus cattle and Uckermärker). In 2023 the FN’s German National Sport Pony show was opening the program.

The Society for the Preservation of Old and Endangered Livestock Breeds (GEH) presents the endangered livestock breed of the year in the Animal Hall. The starting point of the annually changing event is determined on the first Saturday of the fair in the demonstration ring.

A carriage team with two black horses in the show ring in the animal hall.
Five German Shepherds lie down waiting in the demonstration area in the 'World of pets'.

World of pets

This is where domesticated animals and pets, from alpacas to ornamental fish, are presented. Exhibitors show popular and exotic house pets in aquariums, terrariums, aviaries and compounds. All current and future animal lovers will have plenty of opportunities to speak with breeders, experts and association representatives regarding proper animal welfare and feeding. Questions about responsible dog ownership and preventive health, as well as the advantages of various dog breeds, can be put to the experts here.

Proud pure-bred cats, such as the Siberian Forest Cat, Somali Cornish Rex, Ragdoll and British Shorthair, will be on display as well as the colorful, shimmering underwater world of aquariums and, of course, stick insects, praying mantises and hairy tarantulas. Rodents, lizards and snakes will also be on display – truly, something for everyone! Last but not least, donkeys and alpacas – as well as bee colonies – will be in their temporary quarters in Hall 26, where there will be information for budding beekeepers, too.

Throughout the duration of the year, the activity space will feature countless animal demonstrations.

In the picture you can see a white goat.

These exhibitors were part

HIPPOLOGICA - The Equestrian Tournament of Grüne Woche

On the second weekend of the fair, the German capital’s largest indoor equestrian tournament takes place: HIPPOLOGICA - The Equestrian Tournament of Grüne Woche.

It’s a magical event where you can see horses dancing in a dressage competition, watch the show jumpers make their way through a tricky course and cross your fingers for the carriage-drivers while they’re masterfully guiding their horses through a difficult course. Visitors can experience Hippologica from 26 – 28 January 2024.