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Startup-Days: Throwback

Its a wrap: Startup-Days 2021


In an exciting pitch, MARKTKOST was able to convince the jury with its concept. Entrepreneur Laura Maria Horn was able to score equally above average in all areas of her presentation and thus convinced the panel of experts. MARKTKOST shows that varied catering for employees is also possible in small companies without canteens - fresh meals without any packaging waste.

As a prize, MARKTKOST can look forward to 2 x 2 hours of mentor coaching by 3 jury members, an f3 presence and participation opportunities at IGW 2022!

Impressions of our Startup-Days

IGW-Startup-Days 2020


Winners of our Startup-Days 2020

‘Frachtpilot’ wins the Startup award, ‘Fairment’ takes second place and ‘Yumbau Dumplings’ third.

Dr. Sebastian Terlunen, CEO and founder of the company that markets ‘Frachtpilot’ software, described it as a “declaration of independence for farmers“. A nine-member panel of judges comprising retail representatives and food experts had voted this product the winner. The software makes it possible to fully digitise and automate direct marketing. The object is to give farmers more time doing their jobs rather than spending it in the office.

The startup Fairment has developed starter sets for making kombucha. The company’s online shop sells cultures for making kefir, yoghurt and kombucha, as well as ready-made products such as kimchi. Leon Benedens and Paul Seelhorst, who set up the company, hope the award will boost retail trade.

Yumbau, which took third place, produces dim sum dumplings in Germany according to a recipe from northern China. The recently founded company dispenses with glutamate, sugar, modified starch and preservatives. The dumplings, which can be prepared within minutes, are available in six flavours. Several sauces round off the product range.

19 companies from 52 entries made the final round of the Startup days. They exhibited their products over two days at the Professional Center in the Marshall Haus and held five-minute presentations pitching their corporate ideas to trade visitors and the judges. As well as being tested for three months by REWE Süd, the winners will receive coaching and can take part in the Food Safety Congress.

IGW-Startup-Days 2019

Startup-Day Winner
The winner of IGW-Startup-Days 2019

The jury has decided: Edible spoons, brain food and natural sugar are the winners of the Startup Days at the Green Week 2019

The jury at the second Startup Day of the International Green Week Berlin had made their decisions: the winner was Spoontainable. This startup has developed sustainable, edible ice cream spoons made of cocoa fibre. They will replace plastic spoons and reduce waste, says Amelie Vermeer. Second place went toHansBrainfood, a food bar made exclusively from shelled hemp seeds and honey. According to the company’s founder Matthias Coufal, eating this snack helps to keep mentally fit. The bar contains Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin B, iron, magnesium and essential amino acids. Third prize went to DeCañaPanela natural sugar. This sugar cane product is 100 per cent organic, is grown in the Colombian highlands, and is marketed in non-refined form to keep all its vitamins and minerals, says Anna Elisabeth Segovia, the company’s founder and daughter of Colombian parents.

This was the second time that the International Green Week Berlin had focused on new food companies at the Startup Days. The aim was to bring new companies together with established food retail stakeholders and opinion-formers, enabling them to make contact with investors, project and sales partners.

50 companies had applied for the Startup Days at the Green Week, of whom 20 were chosen by Messe Berlin for the final round. Over two days at the Professional Center they each delivered a five-minute pitch in front of a six-member jury made up of representatives of the retail trade, experts from the food industry and organisations promoting startups.