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young generation hub

Grüne Woche young generation

Test Market Grüne Woche - not just for food, but also for career choices!

Hands-on and try out is the motto of the young generation hub at Grüne Woche. Training, study, dual, school-based, dual qualification - our new, second focus in the school program of the Grüne Woche is the young generation hub.

Present your professions, training paths and internships from the fields of agriculture, gardening, hotel business, gastronomy, construction, climate and related fields.

In our the training hall, it may get noisy and dust is in the air. Our focus is not on stylish stand cinstructions, but on interaction and experiencing of your professions.

Let your apprentices demonstrate your professions and communicate with the target group. Students from the 8th class up to the Abi and participate. There is no better way to advertise your professions than at eye level and while participating.

Our logo for your communication

Use our banner and logos and advertise your bus trip to the Green Week! The banner costs you nothing and offers you numerous marketing advantages:

  • Visibility and attention: with every email you send, the banner embedded in the signature draws attention.
  • Information transfer: The banner conveys the most important information even without many words: You are going to be at Grüne Woche
  • Target group accuracy: The banner can be placed specifically to address the desired target group. Use it as a binder in your email signature or as a banner on your website or for your social media appearances.

Use of our Logos is of course free of charge. We would be very pleased to receive a copy of your report.

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