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International Green Week:
Event Farm

Discover modern agriculture

At the Event Farm, around 50 partners show how innovative and forward-looking modern agriculture has become: Modern agriculture ensures the supply of high-quality and affordable food for the population and addresses consumers' questions on topics such as animal welfare, biodiversity and climate protection.

The Event Farm is Germany's largest agricultural policy platform; it facilitates communication among agriculture industry leaders, policymakers and consumers. This is where today’s challenges are discussed and tomorrow’s solutions are revealed.

Many exciting examples allow visitors to experience agriculture’s special responsibilities, not only for ensuring a reliable supply of food but also protecting animal welfare and nature. The wide range of exhibits includes AI-robots for work in the fields, a special show-bakery as well as agricultural machinery and tractors. There will also be an exhibit highlighting the potential offered by modern plant breeding as well as how animals are kept in modern barns.

In addition, an extensive stage program focusing on securing the supply of food, sustainability and climate protection will take place at the Event Farm.

AgrarScouts – farmers who engage in dialogue with consumers – are happy to provide visitors information, answer their questions and discuss agricultural topics.

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