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Since 1926, international exhibitors from more than 130 countries have created a marketplace of cultures at Grüne Woche where they present their regional/national specialties.

A wide range of food and beverages from all over the world offers visitors a unique variety of tastes without having to get on a plane.

A delegation is seen at the stand of Thailand.

Asian countries such as Thailand and India present exotic fruits (incl. durian), spicy curries and papadam while displaying their countries’ cultural highlights in traditional, colorful garments.

Detail of the Scandinavia Hall.

Scandinavia reveals its Nordic style with Norway, Finland and Sweden all at the beautiful Hygge stand. The region is a big winner with reindeer-meat appetizers, a wide array of wild fish and delicious licorice ice cream.

Man wears funny hat and holds canned fish and meat sticks to camera.

What else has Europe to offer? Along with the Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary impressively display their incomparable art of baking.

Swiss exhibitors presenting cheese wheels.

The alpine regions of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Italy also make the epicurean heart of every cheese, sausage and salami lover beat faster. Have you ever rolled a cheese wheel or tasted horseradish that makes your eyes water?

A view of the Swiss exhibition stand over which many visitors walk.

Western Europe isn’t far away either:
At the France stand gourmets can slurp up fresh oysters with a colorful selection of wines and then have some violet-flavored macarons for dessert.The Netherlands stand welcomes its guests with a variety of Dutch traditional products, as well as delicious, sustainable and local culinary treats.

In the photo you can see small samples ready for the visitors.

Culinary globetrotters can sample dried bison meat, desserts made with rose jam or delight in a hibiscus drink with baobab fruit, Kenana sugar from the White Nile and red lentil rolls.

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Country Hall
Algeria Hall 10.
Armenia Hall 6.2
Austria Hall 4.2 a
Azerbaijan Hall 18
Belgium Hall 18
Bulgaria Hall 11.2
Colombia Hall 10.2
Croatia Hall 11.2
Czech Republic Hall 11.2
Denmark Hall 8.2
Estonia Hall 8.2
Finland Hall 8.2
France Hall 4.2 a
Georgien Hall 11.2
Great Britain Hall 7.2 b
Hungary Hall 7.2 b
Iran Hall 7.2 b /10.2
Italy Hall 4.2b
Kazakhstan Hall 18
Kenya Hall 10.2
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Country Hall
Latvia Hall 8.2
Lithuania Hall 8.1
Moldova Hall 11.2
Mongolia Hall 10.
Nepal Hall 10.2
Netherlands Hall 18
North Macedonia Hall 18
Norway Hall 8.2
Peru Hall 10.2
Poland Hall 11.2
Portugal Hall 4.2 a
Romania Hall 11.2
Spain Hall 4.2 b
Sri Lanka Hall 18
Sweden Hall 8.2
Switzerland Hall 4.2 b
Tajikistan Hall 18
Thailand Hall 18
Tunisia Hall 10.2
Turkey Hall 10.2
Uzbekistan Hall 18