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Exhibitor offers 2023

More details about the offers of the school program young generation

The school program consists of workshops, for which you have to register, and of offers of the exhibitors, which can be taken without registration. Detailed information about the different offers and workshops can be found in the list below.
If you are interested in an offer that requires registration, please do so via our booking tool.

Please note that our young generation program will be offered in german language only.

  • the grade for which the offer is intended
  • the number of students allowed
  • the times you need between the workshops. Please use the nearest entrance for workshops that are scheduled shortly after the fair opens (10:00 a.m.) and plan sufficient walking time between two workshops.
  • Cancellation: If you are unable to attend a workshop that you have already booked, please cancel your booking in good time

Workshops with registration

Some of the offers o our young genration programm require, that you register your class prior to the event.

Please to so by using our register tool!

Workshops without registration

Career entry in the food and beverage industry

In a dialog between practitioners and students, we provide information about starting a career in the food and beverage industry. What occupational fields are there? What skills and interests are sought? What are the development opportunities? The students will have the opportunity to ask the career starters questions about their experiences during and after their training or studies. In the process, they should gain insights into the wide range of entry options and career opportunities in the industry.

Category: Career
Where: Hall 3.2 , booth 301

Pupils quiz "learning place nature" in our biotope

At the stand of the German forestry industry, students can experience the forest of the future. In addition to the active experience of the forest at stand elements such as a boulder wall and forest arena, the climate protection services of the forest can be experienced through learning opportunities such as a marble run or the "tree of good intentions".

Donkey up close!

Stubborn, lazy and stupid? No!! Donkeys are different!!

Category: Agriculture & Nature
Where: Hall 26c, Booth 203

Reusable Deposit System, Reusable Cycle, Mandatory Reuse 2023, Materlial & Recylcing

Information on the subject of mandatory reusability 2023

Farmers market: "Organic farmers in conversation"

Real organic farmers present delicious organic products to get to know, inform about the main topic "bio is good for the climate" and answer questions of the fair visitors, e.g.: Why become an organic farmer?
What distinguishes organic farmers from conventional farmers?

  • How do I become an organic farmer?
  • What are the "green professions"?
  • Digitalization and organic farming - how do they fit together?
  • What does organic farming do for climate protection?

Category: Agriculture and Nature
Where: Hall 27, Booth 401

School competition: ECHT KUH-L!: Food makes school! Organic, diverse and healthy"

The nationwide school competition organized by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) will focus on school catering in the 2022/23 school year. Under the motto "Food makes school! Organic, diverse and healthy", children and young people are to play an active role in shaping and changing the food they eat at school - whether in their own lunchbox, at the kiosk or in the canteen. In the process, they learn more about balanced, sustainable nutrition and organic food. All students in grades 3 to 10 can participate. The deadline for entries is April 1, 2023. All information about the competition is available at the BÖL booth or at (link in german language only).

Category: Health & Nutrition
Where: Hall 27, Booth 401

What is actually behind a (fair) bar of chocolate? How do superfoods help to fight hunger in the world? How can our own consumption contribute to improving the living conditions of small farmers? And how do our shopping habits and lifestyles affect global water availability? Students can discover the following topics at interactive booths: nutrition, human rights, sustainable agriculture, fair trade, cocoa & coffee supply chains, water, superfoods.

Category: Agriculture & Nature
Where: Hall 10.2, Booth 107

Planting of orchards and their management, environmental protection and agriculture & nature, preservation of biodiversity, healthy nutrition.

We have put together an exhibition of the apples from our meadow orchards. Varieties with such melodious names as Gelber Richard, Ingrid Marie or Stahls Winterprinz are included. In our apple quiz you can test your knowledge about apples. Here is one of the questions: how many seeds does an apple actually have?

A campaign of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in cooperation with "Die Landstiftung" gGmbH.

Category: Agriculture & Nature
Where: Hall 6.2a

Fish and seafood in human nutrition (biology, biodiversity, origin, aquaculture, health aspects) Sustainable purchasing of fish, crustaceans and molluscs Tips and tricks for preparing fish and seafood

About 70 different species of fish, crustaceans and mollusks are presented on a 10 square meter ice bed. The students learn about different saltwater and freshwater fish, shrimp, crustaceans, mussels as well as squid. Other aspects include the differences between wild-caught and aquacultured fish. In this context, aspects around sustainable fish purchasing will also be discussed and further information possibilities in this regard will be presented. Special nutritional aspects and questions of preparation can also be discussed.

Category: Health & Nutrition
Where: Hall 22a, Stand 160

Cross-country into the adventure of agriculture

Exciting impressions from the field and from the barn: At the ErlebnisBauernhof, everyone can learn comprehensively about how our food is produced today and tomorrow. Under the motto "Secure food. Protect nature", the Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft e.V. and its more than 35 partners show how agriculture succeeds in ensuring the supply of high-quality food for the population while at the same time implementing a wide range of measures to protect nature, biodiversity and animal welfare. At the ErlebnisBauernhof, everything revolves around the solutions proposed by agriculture to the pressing issues of our time - from the labeling of the origin of meat to the use of climate-friendly biofuels and the breeding of climate-resistant plant varieties. And all this with the help of experiments, hands-on activities, quizzes and more! Come and discover modern agriculture with us!

Category: Agriculture & Nature
Where: Hall 3.2

i.m.a knowledge farm with 5 knowledge stations: Fruit & vegetables - regional & seasonal; egg-egg-egg!, Get to the bottom of the soil, big & strong - the tractor, here something blooms for you! From 23.-27.01.2023 in the time of 10:30 - 14:30h only after registration, before/after and on all other days of the fair without registration possible.

Experience offers on the topics:

1. fruit & vegetables - regional & seasonal.

Recognize and sort when which products are in (harvest) season and where they come from. In addition: Our SensiBar invites you to recognize fruits and vegetables by their smell.

2. egg-egg-egg!

How can you tell if an egg is fresh and what does the stamp on the egg reveal? Also: identify and match poultry species and their eggs.

3. get to the bottom of the soil

Recognize and observe who or what lives in the soil and what tasks these living things have. Also, which soil can store water the longest?

4. big & strong - the tractor

The all-rounder on the test bench: Estimating and measuring tractor tires, the influence of tire pressure on the soil, the function of hydraulics.

5. something blooms here for you!

Learn about the diversity and usefulness of the crops that farmers plant as flowering strips or catch crops. Also: Mix your own flowering mixture.

Experience the country in Lower Saxon

Where does our food come from? How does agriculture work today? What is life like in the countryside? How diverse is a vacation on the farm or on a vacation farm in Lower Saxony?

Category: Agriculture & Nature
Where: Hall 20, Stand 107

healthy and varied nutrition, healing effects of plants, experiencing nature in its diversity

In a quiz for nose, mouth and eyes you can identify different herbs. Your detective sense of smell and taste is called for here, because the matching pairs of plants must be found and what we associate with the smells. A bit like cough syrup, somehow like shower gel or like pizza?

An action of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in cooperation with the herb educator Jana Schäfer from the "Luplower Herb Salad".

Category: Health & Nutrition
Where: Hall 6.2a

Regionality, agriculture, organic products, nutrition and hessian food

Regional and sustainable cooking

Forest - climate protection? Greenhouse effect? Carbon reservoir? Forest of the future

Swap the classroom for the forest - this is what the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e. V. (German Forest Protection Association) invites you to do at the German forestry industry stand. Under the theme "Together for the forest of the future", students will learn about the dual role of the forest: on the one hand, affected by climate change, and on the other hand, part of climate protection through sustainable forestry. Our educational program teaches what the forest has to do with the greenhouse effect, why forests are important for climate protection and how wood becomes a carbon store. Together with the students, a connection to their own living environment is established and an insightful perspective on the forest of the future is developed.

The school classes are guided by our experienced forest educators to fulfill the educational mission of the stand. Afterwards, the students can experience the forest on elements such as the boulder wall or the marble run.

Category: Agriculture & Nature

Where: Hall 27, Meeting point forest area

Food waste, proper food storage, quiz on exciting facts about food waste.

The students test their knowledge of food storage and shelf life on the interactive refrigerator. This knowledge can be used immediately in everyday life and helps to actively reduce food losses. In addition to a quiz, a souvenir photo with a message can also be created and taken home. Note: The times can also be arranged individually until 13.01.2023.

Category: Health & Nutrition
Where: Hall 23a

Experience the country in Lower Saxon

Where does our food come from? How does agriculture work today? What is life like in the countryside? How diverse is a vacation on the farm or on a vacation farm in Lower Saxony?

Category: Health & Nutrition
Where: Hall 23a