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Stand Construction & Regulations

Here you will find important information on the management of stands (PDF, 232.8 kB), information and dates for exhibitors (PDF, 471.7 kB), stand construction, traffic guide (PDF, 152.0 kB) and access to our BECO Shop. In the BECO Shop all order forms are listed, from waste disposal, suspensions, electricity and water connection, cleaning to parking spaces for containers as well as assembly/dismantling and exhibitor passes and much more.

All you need to know for your stand construction



Start Setup



4 p.m.,
End Setup + Acceptance of construction



from 6 p.m., Start Dismantling



End Dismanteling

Construction approval is carried out by the Technical Event Management.

Deadline for submission of stand construction plans subject to approval: 4.12.2023

If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Exhibition Management:

Our hall inspectors will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Please see the Hall Inspectors Plan (PDF, 613.6 kB) for telephone numbers to reach out to..

Our sheet on information and dates for exhibitors (PDF, 471.7 kB) will give you a glance on our set-up and dismantling times, access to the site, or where you can order additional services..

Regardless of the general supervision provided, we recommend that you arrange security for your stand to ensure your goods to be protected as the hall supervision service does not accept liability for any claims. In this context, please note that valuable objects should be protected, particularly during the setting up and dismantling phases.

Stand security services can be ordered at the BECO webshop. In accordance with item 2.5 “Surveillance” of our Technical Guidelines (PDF, 407.6 kB) stand guards may only be provided by the security company contracted by Messe Berlin.

Messe Berlin/ Capital Services GmbH provide exhibitors a comprehensive offer of technical and logistic services. In the BECO-Webshop you can also book a variety of system stands for rent or make use of individual stand construction.

Your stand presentation can determine the success of your participation at a trade show. Well-designed presentations are the best possible way to showcase your new products and enhance your company’s impression on targeted customers, the general public and your own members of staff. MB Capital Services GmbH can deal with the entire process - from the initial idea to its implementation.

For further information, please send an email to

Please find a good overview of the technical data on all exhibitions halls in our flyer for technical information (PDF, 62.9 kB).

The interactive site plan of Messe Berlin offers comprehensive information about the individual hall including pictures, hall plans as well as the respective technical data.

Please make absolutely sure to comply with our Technical Guidelines (PDF, 407.6 kB) when designing and constructing your stand.

Other usefull infomation:

Documents for download

Information and dates

Download (PDF, 471.7 kB)

Management of stand

Download (PDF, 232.8 kB)

Timetable for exhibitors

Download (PDF, 278.4 kB)

Technical Guidelines

Download (PDF, 388.5 kB)

Stand construction work

Download (PDF, 637.5 kB)