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The memory of Mamá Necha's salsa

A visitor buys a fruit salad. After a few minutes, she comes back: "What's that great powder on the side?" she asks and, after a brief consultation, buys a bottle of Tajín Clásico. Tajín is a spice made from chillies, dried limes and sea salt. It can be eaten with fruit, vegetables, meat or fish. In Hall 10.2/108 you will find Tajín, or more precisely a combination of the manufacturer Tajín and the company Crevel Europe, which has been importing the products from Mexico to Germany for two years. Manuel Cedeño, Sales Manager at Crevel Europe, will be demonstrating the wide range of possible applications: At the stand, there are cups of fruit on which he sprinkles the powder. Just like when serving mango juice, the cup is given a tajín rim, similar to the salt rim on a margarita.

Flavour for eternity

The powder is the result of founder Horacio Fernández's attempt to make his grandmother Mamá Necha's salsa more durable and accessible to a wider audience. "Salsa has to be kept in the fridge and doesn't have such a long shelf life," says Manuel Cedeño. After many attempts, Horacio, who lives in Guadalajara, managed to dehydrate limes and chillies without them losing their flavour.

"Tajín is really famous in Mexico," says Manuel Cedeño. The company has been around for 30 years. The German market only became aware of the product two years ago. "Mangoes with chilli are a trend right now," says Manuel Cedeño. Younger people are particularly keen on the combination, he reveals. This could also be due to the fact that Tajín is very active on TikTok and Instagram.

Versatile in use

There are three varieties: Tajín Clásico, Habanero with a spicier note and Clásico Blue Lid, which contains less sodium, for people who suffer from high blood pressure but still don't want to miss out on their dose of chilli. The company also has three flavours of sauces in its portfolio: A spicy lime sauce, the tangy chipotle sauce with a smoky note and a fruity chamoy sauce with apricot flavour.

There are many recipe ideas on the website that can be combined with the products, for example potato and spinach pockets, chickpea salad wraps or turkey mini burgers with blueberry and orange salad.

Two men and a woman present a salsa seasoning at the Grüne Woche 2024

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