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Messe Berlin Website
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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Grüne Woche
Our Flower Hall

City of Colours - this years flower hall theme

Every year the Flower Hall of Grüne Woche is an absolute "must" for every visitor.

The lovely display of nature is a huge favorite of the public and each year it features a different theme which is reflected via the elaborate garden arrangements, overwhelming plant diversity and a blaze of color.

Unwind with a walk through thousands of blooming spring flowers in the middle of winter! The variety of hands-on activities for both young and old, combined with the garden associations’ and exhibitors’ concentrated expert knowledge on topics including horticulture, plant production & cultivation and urban gardening will not only inspire plant lovers, but really get you in the mood for spring!

PS: Did you know that marriage proposals have been made – and a wedding took place! – in our flower hall? ;).

A mother with her two children. All of them wear self-woven flower wreaths on their heads.
The face of the Berlin Buddy Bear made of flowers.
A bicycle, a car and many flowers can be seen. They are part of the special concept of the flower hall, which changes every year.
Red roses in black boxes and two women taking a picture of them.
Impressions from the flower hall.
Impressions from the flower hall.

These were our flower hall exhibitors

Its a long way until it blooms

Have you also always wondered what it takes to make our flower hall look so beautiful in the end and all the flowers, woody plants and trees bloom to the dot? The planning phase of the flower hall starts about 6 months before the event begins, read more.

Our partners in the flower hall

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A hall with a long history

A hall with a long history

The tradition of the flower hall goes back a long way – over the years it has developed into a real magnet for visitors.

Now the flower hall is dedicated to a different theme each year:

  • 2024: City of Colours
  • 2023: Wild about nature
  • 2020: Flowers - 1000 good reasons/nature in all its diversity
  • 2019: Blooming City - colorful - creative - natural
  • 2018: Flowers - 1000 good reasons/source of diversity

  • 2017: Paradise is everywhere (Luther)
  • 2016: Carnival of flowers
  • 2015: Culture as natural heritage
  • 2014: Parliament of flowers
  • 2013: Boulevard of flowers