Veranstalter / Organizers:
Messe Berlin Website
Datum der Veranstaltung:
17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Our Theme World: Streetfood

Since the introduction of our Market Hall in 2017, with its own street food court and food trucks, this area has become one of the most popular destinations for all visitors.

It’s no wonder since it features so many innovative and unique food trends: whether you enjoy Bavarian veal sausage pralines, truffle pasta, bubble waffles, burritos, Korean fried chicken, hot poffertjes, hearty raclette or tzatziki ice cream - there's truly something for everyone!

The bravest visitors can sample insects fresh from the pan as well as snacks made from insect flour. Vegetarians and vegans have plenty of options, too – where else can you find wakame seaweed that tastes like bacon?

Pleasure isn’t only guaranteed at the fair itself – you can also stock up on a variety of teas, spices, craft beers & fine wines and spirits, like cheesecake schnapps.

A food truck serving burgers.
The market hall with the street food area.

Small-scale producers and regional start-ups are happy to present their latest food creations to curious visitors and, when asked, they’ll passionately explain how their products were created.

You get to meet the real producers behind their products – so you really get the lowdown on what you're buying. This is where the farmer proudly displays his whiskey salami.

The market place is unique and incredibly popular – its many seating options invite you to linger and enjoy.

These were our exhibitors in our streetfood area