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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Dried lemons from Central Asia

Tajikistan has healthy snacks for in-between in Hall 8.2: from dried melon with nuts to fruit bars with mulberries.

Premiere for Tajikistan: for the first time the Central Asian country is represented at the Green Week in Berlin. "We are very happy to have been invited here," says Javlon Hamdamov, program director of the Aga Khan Foundation development organization. "But we're still practicing, and we're learning a lot from the other exhibitors right now."

For example, what they've learned is, "We should have brought a lot more fruit," Hamdamov says. "We thought we were showing our fruit as decoration, but people are buying a lot from us. The pomegranates in particular are in demand. Next time, we'll definitely bring truckloads." Moreover, on some products the inscriptions are only in Tajik and Russian, which sometimes leaves visitors puzzled. Nevertheless, many remain fascinated in front of the stand in Hall 8.2.

Handmade gift baskets from wickerwork

Intense fragrance rises from a bowl of purple apples, pale yellow pears, soft pomegranates and lemons that glow almost orange. Next to it is a flat, hand-woven wicker basket on which all manner of nibbles are arranged as if on a piece of cake: pink-green pistachios, dark prunes, yellow dried apricots, walnuts and almonds. Framed by rolls of dried melons filled with raisins and nuts. "Such gift baskets are quite typical of Tajikistan," Hamdamov explains. "They are a popular gift and come on the table with dried fruit in the morning or later for dessert."

Tajikistan is a high mountain country and the smallest country in Central Asia. Nearly half of its land area is above 3,000 meters above sea level, and the Pamir Mountains with the 7,495-meter-high Peak Ismoil Somoni lie to the east. Agriculture is one of the most important economic sectors in the country.

Apricot pulp and sugar-coated kernels

In Hall 8.2, exhibitors are showing many products that are currently very popular in Germany: Chickpeas, yellow beans and lentils, dried fruit such as prunes and dried apricots. But there are also unusual items, such as dried lemons, which are suitable for tea or sauces. Apricot kernels with sugar coating are there and fruit bars made of mulberries with apricot and cherry, both from organic production and very healthy, as Hamdamov points out.

Health is also served by oils and teas, which are set up right at the beginning of the stand, and apricot juice and apricot pulp at the other end. Hamdamov also recommends another product to visitors: cashmere wool, produced by women in the Pashmir Mountains. It is already being exported to the USA. Soon it may also be exported to Germany.

You will find healthy products from Tajikistan in Hall 8.2.

Products from Tajikistan

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