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Guest article: Delicious, sustainable and from next door - The Netherlands

But we also come with new innovative agricultural projects and initiatives. And with new challenges that require international solutions in many areas.

For the Netherlands, Germany is not only the most important trading partner, but also a crucial ally in Europe for the urgently needed conversion of agriculture. For example, the nitrogen problems associated with intensive livestock farming in the neighbouring German states of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia are quite comparable to the problems in the Netherlands. But we in the Netherlands also follow the efforts to improve water quality, sustainable plant protection and animal welfare on the German side with great interest.

Focus on changing agriculture

This year, the Dutch presence will focus on the transformation of agriculture. The Dutch government is committed to an agriculture that produces sufficient and high-quality food in harmony with nature and the environment. Food produced by proud farmers that provides them with a good income and makes them look to the future with confidence again.

Both Minister Adema and his colleague Minister Christianne van der Wal (Nature and Nitrogen) stand for maintaining a strong agricultural sector that is innovative, efficient and entrepreneurial. However, this requires investment in strong nature, sustainable agriculture and sufficient biodiversity, which we need in order not to lose our healthy and vital soils as the basis for all our food.

In the coming week, the Netherlands Pavilion will pay special attention to making vegetable, fruit and horticulture more sustainable. Focal points include: What it takes to grow and cultivate healthy food sustainably in the region, create less waste, implement circular economy and showcase the Netherlands as a seed champion and greenhouse grower.

Visit us at the Green Week and see for yourself our solutions and our delicious, sustainable products from our neighbouring country.

For media representatives, Minister Christianne Van der Wal will be available for a press briefing on Friday afternoon, 20 January 2023 16.00-16.30 in the country pavilion.
Registration via Herman van Gelderen, Press Officer Dutch Embassy, Tel. 0151-12101426