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Messe Berlin Website
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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Relief action for Ukraine

In a charity exhibition in Hall 18, young Ukrainian photographers show impressive images from their country.

The proceeds from the works are used to purchase power generators for hospitals in the war zone.

Tanks, bombs and destruction come to mind for many people when they think of Ukraine. Ten young photographers from Ukraine want to show that their country is more than that in the exhibition "Help Ukraine" organized by the aid organization Airlift. In a stylized white cube in Hall 18, guests at the International Green Week can take in the images. Despite the state of emergency the country has been in for almost a year due to the Russian war of aggression, the photographs celebrate life. They show passion, beauty, elegance and, above all, talent.

Pictures for power generators

For the exhibition "Help Ukraine" artists from different cities have come together. They work with different techniques and cameras, but have a common mission to support their homeland. All works are available for purchase. The proceeds will be used to finance power generators for hospitals in Kiev. The energy infrastructure is a target of shelling, from which especially civilians suffer. Generators for hospitals can save lives every day. 

The exhibition is supported by the social sponsor VIA Blumenfisch, which showed the exhibition with 80 pictures for the first time at the beginning of January in its school hostel Blumenfisch at the Großer Wannsee. The school hostel served as an initial reception center for unaccompanied minor refugees from Ukraine. Other partners of the exhibition are the Humboldt University Society, Ukraine-Saarland-Berlin e.V. and Berlin to Borders. The money raised will be collected in the account of "Berlin to Borders" as part of the project Together4Ukraine.

Visitors can see the charity exhibition "Help Ukraine" in Hall 18.

Ukrainian photo exhibition

Author:Judith Jenner

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