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The family tour at Grüne Woche 2024

Duration: one day of the fair
- 2.2 a Flower Hall
- 3.2 Event Farm
- 25 Animal hall
- 27 Pet hall & Green up your life
Recommended entrances: South Entrance or Hall 27
Ticket recommendation: day ticket, family ticket

The family tour promises exciting experiences and animal encounters for all generations. It starts at the South Entrance for those travelling by S-Bahn or at the entrance to Hall 27 for those travelling by coach.

Flower Hall: A world full of colour

The tour starts with a walk through a colourful spectacle of flowers in Hall 2.2a. Under this year's motto "City of Colours", the Flower Hall presents thousands of plant species in four different colours. From early bloomers to cacti and exotic plants - the hall is a paradise for plant lovers and an ideal backdrop for great family photos in creative photo spots. A café invites visitors to linger.

Variety for every taste in Hall 3.2.

The exhibition continues in Hall 3.2, where visitors can find out where our food comes from and how the food industry works. Well-known companies such as Rewe, Danone and McDonald's will be exhibiting here, as will leading associations of the German food industry. Children and adults can playfully test their knowledge of food labelling, sustainability and ingredients on the food association's game consoles. The Event Farm in the same hall provides a first-hand insight into agriculture. AgrarScouts - real farmers - will be on hand to answer visitors' questions. Show cooking, interactive quizzes and a hall rally invite young and old to join in, taste and discover.

Animal heavyweights and tiny four-legged friends: Animal Hall 25 and Pet Hall 27

Animal encounters can be found in Halls 25 and 27. 15 different breeds of cattle, horses, sheep and goats can be marvelled at in Animal Hall 25, while pets such as cats, dogs, donkeys, alpacas, aquarium and terrarium inhabitants can be seen in Hall 27. Dogs will have a special appearance in the action area: from dog dancing to the presentation of various breeds or "dogs with a profession" such as hunting dogs or shepherds. Animal lovers can also look forward to two events: from 19 - 28 January, an animal show programme will take place several times a day in Animal Hall 25, in which various breeds of horses and cattle will be presented. There will be another highlight on the second weekend of Grüne Woche: Hippologica, Berlin's largest indoor horse show, will take place here from 26 to 28 January. In the large demonstration ring, horse fans and equestrian sports enthusiasts can watch the dressage, show jumping and carriage driving competitions.

Nature up close in Hall 27

The tour ends in Hall 27, where the German Hunting Association presents birds of prey and local nature in a biotope with real plants and animal specimens. The German Forestry Council (DFWR) will be providing information on the state of Germany's forests and inviting the whole family to join in. In the "Rowing for the Grüne Woche Forest" campaign, as many trees as possible can be "rowed" through sporting endeavour. These will be planted in the next planting season in cooperation with the Berlin Forestry Department and thus help with climate-adapted forest reorganisation. A 360° visualisation and a bog house at the stands of the Federal Ministry for the Environment allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of bogs and provide information about their importance for climate protection. With audio experiences, walking acts and other hands-on activities, nature becomes an experience for the whole family.

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