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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

The food trend tour at Grüne Woche

A festival for the taste buds: the range of unusual treats and drinks on offer at the Grüne Woche is a real treat for all visitors.

Duration: one day of the fair
1.2a (Streetfood Hall)
7.2., 8.2. & 10.2. World Tour
20 Thuringia & Lower Saxony
22 Bavaria & Berlin
6.2. Hesse
Recommended entrances: Entrance Messe Süd
Ticket recommendation: Day ticket

Leaving the Grüne Woche hungry? That's almost impossible. However, the tour promises not only culinary highlights, but also a good portion of steps. So if you plan to walk the entire tour, you should think about comfortable shoes.

Feasting in the street food hall 1.2a.

The food trend tour offers trade fair visitors a colourful selection of delicacies. Whether animal products or plant-based, sweet or savoury, one thing is certain: there is something for everyone. The tour starts in Hall 1.2a, where visitors can look forward to various delicacies in the street food hall.

Anyone who loves more than just classic cheese in the Netherlands must try the poffertjes at the entrance to Hall 2.2. The fluffy mini pancakes with lots of icing sugar and butter are a real treat, especially on cold winter days. Those who find chewing too strenuous can try cheesecake from a bottle. The brave can try unusual ice cream flavours such as insect ice cream or cherry and salt liquorice. If you prefer something savoury, try pasta from Berlin or dumplings from Nepal. Korean dishes from Berlin with and without meat are also available. Back to the cheese from the beginning is an Austrian cheese maker who has come up with creative cheese creations for the Grüne Woche. The Camouflage cheese variety sounds particularly tempting, merging the flavours of cow's and goat's cheese and combining them with paprika, garlic and chilli. And you can find out what it tastes like when two culinary classics meet by trying a "Brizza", a combination of the Bavarian pretzel and pizza.

Culinary world tour at the trade fair: in halls 7.2. - 10.2.

A wide variety of countries will be presenting their culinary specialities and the latest food trends in the halls of the "World Tour". The first stop on this flavourful trip around the world is a stand with Hungarian langos in Hall 7.2b. The deep-fried dough pancakes with various toppings are a real classic in Hungary. In the next hall, Hall 8.2, Scandinavian and Baltic delicacies await the trade fair visitors. Those in need of a sparkling refreshment can sample birch sap sparkling wine from Sweden or try strawberry roses and cheese crisps from Estonia. In Hall 10.2, Peru will be tempting trade fair visitors with Peruvian cocktails, including the popular Pisco Sour. For those looking for something special, purple corn juice is available. Tea from Turkey and Nepal as well as delicacies from Tunisia, Nepal and Algeria will also be on show. A sip of firewater from Canada can help you digest the delicacies you have tried so far. Firewater is made from Canadian maple syrup and whiskey and can also be found in Hall 10.2.

Regional delights in Halls 20 - 23b, 5.2 & 6.2a

If you still haven't had enough, you can go on a regional discovery tour through the federal states and explore the diversity of German cuisine. Innovative creations from Thuringia and Lower Saxony await visitors in Hall 20: here you will find Thuringian dumplings in donut form and potato sushi from Lower Saxony. It is also worth visiting the start-up stand of the Lower Saxony Innovation Centre, which offers tea in tablet form, lupin coffee and organic mustard made from mustard seeds from Lower Saxony. The culinary worlds of Bavaria and Berlin collide in Hall 22. On the one hand, Bavaria attracts visitors with savoury delicacies such as cheese spaetzle or meat from straw-fed pigs, accompanied by traditional folk music. On the other, Berlin presents itself with its world-famous currywurst, a smoothie bike, sustainable coffee and delicacies made from rescued food. If you still have room in your stomach, you can make a detour to Hall 6.2a, where Hessen will be presenting its famous green sauce in unconventional forms: in high-proof gin, stirred into ice cream or in the classic, fresh and homemade way with jacket potatoes, eggs and schnitzel.

Visitors at the Grüne Woche street food hall.

The food trend tour at the Grüne Woche promises an impressive flavour experience for all visitors.

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