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Messe Berlin Website
Datum der Veranstaltung:
17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

The garden tour at Grüne Woche

This year's Grüne Woche will once again impress visitors with the colours of spring. This year's garden tour shows how gardens can be transformed into cosy and colourful outdoor living rooms.

Duration: half a day at the fair
Halls: 1.2b, 2.2b, 7.2a, 26 (Garden, House & Yard theme world), 2.2a (Flower Hall)
Recommended entrances: Entrance Messe Süd
Ticket recommendation: Happy Hour Ticket

After winter is before spring

We are also at home outside our four walls. Whether on the balcony, behind the house or on the roof - gardens and parks become outdoor living rooms for many, especially in spring and summer. Visitors to this year's Grüne Woche can be inspired by the exhibitors in the Garden, House & Yard theme world and in the Flower Hall for horticulture.

„City of Colours“

As every year, the Flower Hall is an absolute highlight of the Grüne Woche. In Hall 2.2a, the theme world impresses visitors with a huge spectacle of colour under the motto "City of Colours". After a planted tunnel that leads visitors into the flower hall, the tour offers an impressive route through four colour zones. Visitors walk through the yellow, red, violet and green zones, past two waterfalls and into a green, urban environment. The colour zones finally converge in a common bed in the centre of the hall. To enjoy the city park ambience in peace and quiet, a café invites visitors to enjoy drinks and snacks.

Garden, House & Yard theme world

With its location in Halls 1.2b, 2.2b, 7.2a and Hall 26, the Garden, House & Yard theme world is the ideal place for allotment gardeners and plant lovers to go. Because in spring at the latest, all roads lead to the garden. From large barbecues for barbecue parties with neighbours and family to hot tubs for the patio at home, visitors will find everything their hearts desire for the garden area.

A big cat made of flowers in the flower hall, with visitors to the Grüne Woche in the background.

The garden tour impresses visitors with its power of colour.

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