Veranstalter / Organizers:
Messe Berlin Website
Datum der Veranstaltung:
17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

The Green up your life tour at Grüne Woche 2024

Focus on sustainability: On the Green up your life tour, visitors can learn more about the origins of our food, the protection of peatlands, sustainable agriculture and a green lifestyle.

Duration: one day of the fair
Halls: 22, 27, 3.2, 7.2c, 23
Recommended entrances: Entrance Hall 27 or Messe Süd
Ticket recommendation: Day ticket

Nowadays, green stands for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and a conscious approach to food and resources. Transparency, regionality and seasonality, production and processing of food under environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and socially fair conditions are some of the topics that visitors can look forward to on the Green up your life tour.

Moorland protection and consumer rights: Sustainability in Hall 27

It all starts in Hall 27, where visitors to the trade fair can find out more about sustainability in food, forests and agriculture at numerous stands. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection will be providing information on moorland protection and consumer rights. A 360° visualisation, a moor house and hands-on exhibits will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of moors and discover how important intact moors are for climate protection. Visitors will also have the opportunity to find out about consumer protection, sustainable consumption, greenwashing and sustainable finance. Those who want to actively support nature conservation can get on the rowing device of the German Forestry Council and "row" trees that will be planted in the Berlin-Brandenburg region after the Grüne Woche. Since the campaign première in 2012, the "Grüne Woche Forest" has already counted 58,000 trees. At the stands of the Fachagentur für Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (Agency for Renewable Resources), trade fair visitors can see everything that can be produced from sustainable raw materials.

The future of agriculture: the Event Farm in Hall 3.2

The exhibition continues at the Event Farm in Hall 3.2, where visitors can gain exciting insights into sustainability in agriculture. Under the motto "Secure food. Protect nature", the focus will be on the agriculture of the future and exciting innovations that are already being used in the industry. Visitors can look forward to a varied stage programme, talks and discussion panels and test their own knowledge about the origins of our food at the Farm of Knowledge. Interested parties can also exchange ideas with AgrarScouts. These are real farmers who will answer all visitors' questions about their work in the barn, on the farm or in the field.

Insects in Hall 7.2c & improving your own carbon footprint in Hall 23

Afterwards, trade fair visitors will head to the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Hall 7.2c. Here they will learn how food security and a life without hunger can be achieved on a global level. During discussions and interactive events, visitors can find out about the connection between food and climate justice, for example. Insects can also be sampled as a special culinary experience. As a protein-rich superfood, they could help to ensure that more people in the world eat a healthy and climate-friendly diet.

A detour to Hall 23 is also worthwhile. In the special show organised by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, visitors can find out interactively how they can easily improve their own carbon footprint when cooking or gain an insight into the diversity of food at blind tastings of regional products and fair trade chocolate.

Taste, experience and smell organic in Hall 22a

The tour ends in the "Organic Hall". German organic farming associations and certified German organic producers will be answering important questions about organic in Hall 22a: Are animals really kept differently in organic food? Are there really fewer additives in organic food? How can I clearly recognise organic food? Workshops on, for example, bee-friendly gardening and sustainable cookery shows will also be held in Hall 22.

A woman tries insects at a stand.

As a protein-rich superfood, insects can contribute to a more climate-friendly diet. Photo: Messe Berlin

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