Veranstalter / Organizers:
Messe Berlin Website
Datum der Veranstaltung:
17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Dates & Logistics:
To make your planning work

When do you have to be where and what do you have to consider? Here you will find all the times, locations, service and plans you need for smooth set-up and dismantling.

All the infmormation you need for setup and dismantling

January 13th, 2025

Start Setup

January 16th, 2025, 4 p.m.

End Setup and acceptance of construction

January 26th, 2025, from 6 p.m.

Start Dismantling

January 28st, 2025

End dismantling


Berlin Exhibition Grounds, 14055 Berlin, Germany
GPS coordinates: 52.50133°N / 13.27431°E

Access to the exhibition grounds

Gate 9, 25, 27

All dates at a glance

from fall 2024Placement OffersWe will send out the placement proposals presumably from Oct. 2024 onwards.Aprove your placement offer o our exhibitor platformGrüne Woche Team
from fall 2024Orders / BECO-ShopNotice:
Orders can usually be placed without surcharge until 08.01.2025. From 10.01.2025 a late surcharge will be applied. Does not apply for stand construction services.

* For special orders with longer lead times, this period may vary individually.
BECO-ShopGrüne Woche Team
from November 2024Plan marketing activitiesUpdate your company profile to be found better. Add products, images, links and contacts.Grüne Woche PlusOnline Portfolio (PDF, 1699 kB)& On-Site Portfolio (PDF, 10197 kB)Sales Team Messe Berlin
November 13, 2024Application deadline for Co-Exhibitors++ new procedure ++
You are obliged to register co-exhibitors. For this purpose, please register all co-exhibitors in the exhibitor portal or send your co-exhibitors an authorized link for independent registration.
Register co-exhibitorGrüne Woche Team
until November 30, 2024Submit your eventSubmit your event and take advantage of being added to our programlist which will be publicist on our WebsiteFor submission document please contant Grüne Woche TeamGrüne Woche Team
from October 25, 2024Your exhibitor entryUpdate your company profile to be found more easily. Add products, images, links and contacts.Media Package (PDF, 144 kB)Support Team
December 01, 2024Booking of loading zone booking for setup and dismantlingAccess for all vehicles to the exhibition grounds during set-up and dismantling is only possible with registration and booking of a loading zone on our VisiFair portal.VisiFair
more Information on VisiFair
Logistics Team
December 2024Confirmation of Order & Down Payment InvocieThe order confirmation and down payment invoice will be sent to you from the end of the year.
Important: you will receive the invoice by e-mail (sender is our service provider Quadient).
 Grüne Woche Team
December 2024Exhibitor passes / Tickershop
For the included exhibitor passes, exhibitors will be sent codes by e-mail from our subsidiary MB Capital Services GmbH (, which can be redeemed in the ticket store on our homepage.

Additional set-up and dismantling passes for your service providers (free of charge) as well as additional exhibitor passes (subject to a charge) must be ordered in the BECO Webshop.

Exhibitor passes are also valid during set-up and dismantling!
Grüne Woche Team
December 13, 2024Submitting the stand construction details for official approvalPlease note that every self-built stand must be approved by us in advance. Send us the dimensioned stand plan of your stand builder accordingly.Downloads:More information in our BECO-ShopRequest approval


On the site

If you would like to book a parking space on site, you can do so via the BECO webshop from fall 2024. Be aware that parking spaces on the site are limited and therefore book up quickly. Also, due to limited availability, the desired parking space cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that parking tickets are only valid for the duration of the event and not during set-up and dismantling.

Outside the exhibition grounds

Outside the exhibition grounds, you can use the free public parking spaces around the exhibition grounds and the parking lot at Olympischer Platz. A free shuttle bus service is available there for transfers to the exhibition grounds.

ICC parking garage

Another alternative is the parking garage at the ICC Berlin (height limit 1.8 m). The daily fee is EUR 15. The parking garage is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., but it is possible to exit at any time.

Exhibitor passes

Exhibitor passes

Our subsidiary MB Capital Services GmbH ( will send the main exhibitor codes for the free exhibitor passes by e-mail, which can be redeemed in the Grüne Woche Ticket Shop. Exhibitors are entitled to 3 passes free of charge for up to 20 m² of stand space and 1 additional pass for each additional 10 m² of stand space.
These exhibitor passes are also valid for set-up and dismantling.

Set-up and dismantling passes

Additional set-up and dismantling passes for your service providers (free of charge) and additional exhibitor passes (subject to a charge) must be ordered in the BECO Webshop.

No more waiting in line - due to our new traffic concept

Traffic information for exhibitors and suppliers

Every minute counts when setting up your trade fair stand. So we are now offering you a new digital service to ensure that all materials, exhibits etc. are ready and available when you need them. VisiFair, our new space management system, allows you to designate and pre-book loading zones for a specific time, ensuring fast, efficient and reliable delivery and collection at the desired location.

Messe Berlin’s new VisiFair system ensures stress-free and on-schedule planning. The distribution and allocation of time slots for the various loading zones reduces congestion at the entrance gates considerably, thus saving precious time when assembling and dismantling stands.

➤ Exhibitors and suppliers can only enter the trade fair grounds for assembly and disassembly work after registering with the system and pre-booking a loading zone.

Loading zones can be booked via the following link:

The first step on this portal is to “Sign up” with the system. You can then to “Log in”. To book a loading zone, you must first register for the respective event in the “Upcoming events” menu. To do this, you need the “Event code”.

The VisiFair booking portal is opened

Event code: TSiR1

After registering for the respective event, you can book a time slot for the loading zone in the “Registered events” menu.

To ensure smooth traffic flows during assembly and dismantling, it is essential that you observe the entry regulations set out in the Traffic Guide.

Loading zones

  • Vehicle access during assembly and disassembly procedures are only permitted if a loading zone has been booked in advance (access during the actual trade fair is subject to a cash deposit)
  • A fixed service fee of € 5.00 is charged per hour

LogPoints / preliminary storage areas

  • LogPoint: Parking lot 13a, Halenseestrasse, 10711 Berlin
    GPS position: 52.499068, 13.275933
  • LogPoint P18, Jafféstr. 2, 14055 Berlin
    GPS position 52.503271142923616, 13.266086606023203

Further notes:

Questions on loading zone bookings:
T.: +49 30 3038 4334

General traffic service hotline:
T.: +49 30 3038 4888

Forwarding services

Exhibitors, suppliers and stand construction companies wishing to use Messe Berlin’s forwarding services (e. g. fork-lifts for loading and unloading items) can book these individually with our service provider Schenker Deutschland AG.

To do so, click on the following link:

This booking service is not available to exhibitors/participants organizing their own loading and unloading services.

If you have any further questions, please contact our service provider directly:

Schenker Deutschland AG
Service Building South / Gate 25 entrance
Jafféstrasse 2
D-14055 Berlin, Germany

Forwarding services
Schenker Deutschland AG
Tel: +49 30 - 301 2995 420

Documents for download

You can see the excerpt of a warning about Expo-Guide.

Warning Expo Guide

You can see a map of the fairground and there marked the access roads and gates.

Access fair ground