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Messe Berlin Website
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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Berlin: Diversity guaranteed

In Hall 22a, the capital city shows what it has to offer: A wealth of ideas, internationality, sustainability, tradition and the openness to allow everything to coexist.

Around the Brandenburg Gate made of chocolate, Hall 22a offers a reflection of the capital: inventiveness meets international influences, sustainability and traditional craftsmanship. A Chinese and a French woman develop organic Asian sauces for Berlin and Germany during their parental leave and two men revolutionise the wedding cake. Welcome to Berlin.

Amelie smiles. "We'll be busy for a while yet," says the 22-year-old confectioner as she spreads dark chocolate coating on the Brandenburg Gate. This is not a protest action, but a repair job that brings the Berlin landmark from the Rausch chocolate house to life on a scale of 1:40. This is the third time that the Berlin family business has exhibited at the Green Week and, with Curry 36, forms something of a traditional foundation in Hall 22a. In typical Berlin fashion, the mix is colourful: sustainable coffee cultivation, urban gardening, spaetzle makers, kimchi, hummus and five reasons for tap water stand side by side here.

The woman is herself

Zhen Yuan Wang comes from China. She loves hot sauces. When she was breastfeeding, she didn't want to consume any additives and today she still wants to serve her now two children delicious sauces that are also healthy. During her parental leave in 2021, she therefore founded Kenko Brands GmbH together with Anne-Sophie Carena. Zhen Yuan Wang, who lives in Berlin-Steglitz, and French-born Carena produce Asian sauces without sugar and preservatives under the yuuniwa brand. The yuuniwa organic sauces are now available in six flavours with different levels of spiciness, all vegan, gluten-free and additive-free. yuuniwa will be exhibiting at the Green Week from 24 to 28 January (Hall 22a, Stand 129).

A colourful mix

As an architect, Stefan Kels stumbled across cupcakes in London in 2011 and, together with Oliver Kretzler, set himself the task of adapting the sweet treats to Berlin's needs under the name tigertörtchen. To guarantee variety, the cupcakes are slightly smaller than their British and US ancestors, leaving enough room in the tummy to experience a flavour journey through different varieties. There are currently 80, including variations such as pineapple-avocado, apple-lavender and peanut-caramel. Such a colourful mix also looks good as a wedding cake: the bride and groom don't have to spend ages cutting pieces and the guests can choose the flavours they want and aren't stuck with the layer of cake that is currently being handed out. Options rather than restrictions are important to Kels and Kretzler. That's why there are also many options for vegan fans and customers who are allergic to certain products. Anyone who would like to try cupcakes, cake pops and macarons from tigertörtchen will find the company in Hall 22/106.

Brandenburg gate at the berlin hall

Author:Ninja Priesterjahn

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