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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Courageous Thuringia

Matthias Schade breathes new life into the Thuringian dumpling as a national dish and Mustafa Demirkürek from Gera wants to overtake Berlin as the kebab capital.

Courage, curiosity and ingenuity are qualities that Thuringians like to take pride in. They are the Gryffindors of the federal states. And because the lion on the flag is not enough for this qualification, they like to prove their qualities with bold decisions and revolutionary ideas. At least two of these can be seen in Hall 20 at the Green Week: Matthias Schade is breathing new life into the Thuringian dumpling as a national dish and Mustafa Demirkürek from Gera wants to overtake Berlin as the kebab capital.

The band in the lively Thüringen-Halle plays so loudly that Mustafa Demirkürek is barely audible. Yet the founder of Alzarro Dönerworld GmbH has so many exciting things to tell, such as why kebabs from Gera are now available in supermarkets: "I've been a chef and kebab man for over 30 years. There were a few things that bothered me and that gave me the idea," says Demirkürek. For example, every chef makes the kebab differently. This leads to an incalculable flavour result for the customers. In addition, in his experience, around 80% of people take the kebab home with them. Although the fresh product is wrapped in aluminium foil, this does not prevent it from being soggy or lukewarm when eaten. Demirkürek is also annoyed by the spillage that is so typical of doner kebabs, but most of all by the fact that doner kebabs are only available in doner kebab shops.

Dönerback now available in supermarkets

With the Dönerback, things are about to change: the Dönerback, a completely closed doner kebab with all the familiar ingredients, is now available at Edeka and Rewe. Stored in the fridge, it can be kept for up to 14 days. If you buy the pre-packed kebab bake, you can bake it in a preheated oven in ten minutes. Demirkürek had the idea in 2008. Since then, he has been tinkering with the recipe and production options. Production takes place in Gera, fully automated using robot technology, Demirkürek reveals. He would like to develop the basic recipe further in the future with different sauces, meat varieties, vegetarian and vegan options. And if Thuringia were to be renamed the "Doner City of Thuringia" as a result of his invention, he wouldn't mind that either, he says. Anyone who would like to try the kebab can do so at stand number 221 in hall 20.

Rethinking the tried and tested

The coronavirus pandemic gave Matthias Schade the idea of modernising the Thuringian dumpling. With the support of the Gotha Economic Development Agency, he and his company Schadinis developed a patented production process to adapt the Thuringian speciality to the modern market. Schadinis now offers the dumpling in donut form. Customised shapes are also available on request, for example as a company logo. Schadinis attaches particular importance to sustainability and the use of regional product components. Matthias Schade and his dumpling donut will be represented at the joint stand of the Thüringer Bogen (Hall 20 Stand 214) at the Grüne Woche from 24 January.


Author:Ninja Priesterjahn

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