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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Cream cheese with violets and in the evening fantasy is required

Organic agriculture with all senses: At the BÖL stand, top organic chefs cook for the public five times a day.

Friday morning, shortly before half past ten. Actually, 20 primary school children should have been served a delicious second breakfast at the white tables in front of the organic stage. But so far there is no sign of the class. "They're probably not making much progress because there's so much to see on the way through the halls," says BIOSpitzenkoch Alfred Fahr. "But that doesn't matter, then I'll cook for the other visitors here now."

Knowledge and enjoyment from BIOSpitzen chefs

Flexibility is part of sustainable cooking, as is enjoyment. And that's exactly what the Federal Organic Farming Program (BÖL) stage in Hall 27 is all about. Five times a day, trade fair guests will be served tasty treats from the show kitchen. For the first five days, the Allgäu TV and show chef Alfred Fahr will be at the cutting board with a microphone. Starting Wednesday, his colleague Bernd Trum, who is also one of the BIOSpitzenköche, will take over.

Nut mousse as a sauce kick

"I don't want to proselytize people, but I do want to get them to eat foods that are as natural as possible," says Fahr, who has been cooking organically for about 20 years. "Because it tastes better, it's good for your own health, it's good for nature and it's good for the regional economy. Plus, you can find completely different, more diverse foods in the organic section than in the discount store - whether that's chestnut honey or a nice nut puree you can take for sauces."

From breakfast to stir-fry

He also works with this variety at the BÖL stand and leads the fair guests through the day: it starts on this Friday with a "Vital breakfast for thinkers", followed later in the morning by a fruit smoothie, then a "Hearty lentil winter pot as a "climate-friendly organic lunch", in the afternoon a "Hearty snack with vegetables and sheep's cheese" and finally a "Colorful wok pan".

What was left over from the day

"We use the dinner to give people tips on how to use leftovers," says Alfred Fahr. "We take what's left over from the day and come up with something. We use it to encourage everyone to look in the fridge to see what's left and rely on their eyes, mouth and nose to check what's still good."

Roasting aromas attract men

While the first visitors in front of the stage are now trying their hand at cream cheese bread bites with violet blossoms, Fahr is chopping apples, pears and a bit of banana for the muesli, roasting sunflower seeds, explaining along the way how to catch men with roasted aromas and, at the end, stirring all the ingredients into the oatmeal with organic lassi. "Yummy!" says Gerlinde, 64, who traveled with the countrywomen from the Westerwald region. "Much creamier than my muesli."

BÖL's Organic Stage offers about a dozen events daily - everything from show cooking and do it yourself workshops to info films and knowledge talks in Hall 27.

Organic cooks are cooking.

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