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For a cup of tea in Tiny Space

In the Niedersachsen-Halle, small products with a big impact, such as the TeaBlobs from Rosengarten or the mobile workroom from Tiny Space, are sure to impress.

Two steps lead to happiness. Lilly-Marie Böhm sits behind the door and presents the Tiny Space, a place to think and feel good on 15.25 square metres. The small study on wheels is clad in wood, has a corner bench in front of the panoramic window, a work table that folds out, parquet flooring, Wi-Fi, a 230V socket with USB-C connection, a 27-inch monitor embedded in the wall, Bluetooth speakers, lighting and two desk chairs.

Relaxed working in the Tiny Space

When you close the door, it's pleasantly quiet. Although a presentation is taking place on the stage of the Niedersachsen-Halle (20) directly behind the Tiny Space, you can conduct an interview in a relaxed atmosphere. The Tiny Spaces are also used to record podcasts. "At the moment, we are often booked for conferences, trade fairs and events," says Lilly-Marie Böhm, Sales & Business Development Manager at Tiny Life GmbH. The idea is to create a place to work that invites people to linger and also offers the opportunity for undisturbed conversations at busy events. The mobile workroom has a licence plate and a trailer coupling. Anyone who wants to can drive it out into the countryside. There is no kitchen, but there is electricity. It may therefore be worth taking a kettle with you and buying some TeaBlobs from the neighbouring stand beforehand.

Through Lent with TeaBlobs

TeaBlobs are particularly finely ground loose tea, which is pressed into a solid tablet form that dissolves in hot water. When Sebastian Kadhim from Rosengarten in Lower Saxony wanted to give up coffee during Lent, he was looking for a tea preparation that was quick, easy, tasty and sustainable. He was annoyed by the spilling tea bags and the packaging waste, as tea bags are often individually wrapped. To make loose tea, you needed a sieve or filter, which had to be removed at the right time to prevent the tea from becoming bitter. Sebastian Kadhim was not always able to realise this decelerating tea time in everyday office life.

Together with Kai Stork, he worked on a sustainable process that produces less waste than conventional tea bags, preserves the tea flavour and is quick and easy to use. The result is TeaBlobs, which dissolve in hot water within seconds. There are seven flavours: Ginger Lemon, Green Mango, Earl Grey, Rooibos Vanilla, Spearmint, Berry Hibiscus and China Sencha. Visitors can sample the TeaBlobs free of charge in Hall 20/Stand 100. Trade fair visitors will find the Tiny Space in Hall 20/Stand 118.

Tiny House

Author:Ninja Priesterjahn

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