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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

For the love of food

Hungry at the Grüne Woche? Visitors to the Grüne Woche won't have to be for long. The street food market in Hall 1.2 will fulfil every wish.

From traditional fried fish in a roll to Korean, Indian or pasta and East African crocodile goulash in peanut sauce, there will be delicacies from all continents quickly to hand.

For example, a challah sandwich with crispy little falafel balls, smoky fried aubergines, hummus, a light tahini sauce and fresh cucumber, beetroot, tomato, parsley and pomegranate seeds. The "Shalom'chen" food truck is part of the Berlin bar "Morgen Wird Besser" and when you ask the owner what is important to him in his food, he says: "Love, lots of love!" And you can see and taste this in every one of his vegan dishes - from the Israeli cigar platter to the Shalom'chen bowl, all beautiful and delicious.

A passion for cheese

Roman Dolesal's love of cheese led him to found the cheese label in Lower Austria with friends. He took a break from his day job at the Vienna waste collection service to turn his hobby into a career. Since 2018, the young cheese lovers have been developing the funkiest varieties possible, which can be ordered online and 50 per cent of which are actually delivered to Germany. You can buy them directly in Hall 1.2: Cheese with jalapeños, nuts or truffles, the two-year matured Blue Pearl, Camouflage with green and red peppers or the inky black Black Lemon, a cheese coloured with activated charcoal and flavoured with lime and lemon. The Cheeselabel also serves hot food: Käsekrainer with and without chilli, as well as Käsespätzle with and without chilli.

Hot and cold sweets

If visitors get a sweet tooth in between, they will find what they are looking for at the Danish soft ice cream or can try their hand at EiZ Manufaktur or chimney cake: a speciality from Eastern Europe. Yeast dough is wrapped around a mould and coated with butter and cane sugar. While still warm, the Baumstriezel - as it is called in German - is rolled in sugar and cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles or coconut flakes and filled with cream and apple or cherry compote if desired.

Hotdog wrap to round off the meal

Back to the savoury side: In his self-built food truck, Thomas Poppe serves a hotdog wrap over the counter, the original Swedish "Tunnbrödsrulle". "It's called a thin bread roll in German, and in Sweden it's what we eat when we leave the pub or go to the stadium," says Poppe, who grew up in Stockholm. His tunnbrödsrulle consists of one or two hotdog sausages with mashed potato, cucumber relish and fried onions, wrapped in flat bread. "No one in Germany is familiar with this," says Poppe. "But I thought it might work in this land of sausages and potatoes - and lo and behold...". He thought right.

And if the creations are too unusual for the trade fair guests, the butcher's trolley "Der Wattwurm" brings back a touch of the sports field feeling from childhood: with a home-made hot bockwurst, served on half a slice of toast. It couldn't be quicker.

Visitors can find all the culinary highlights of the street food market in Hall 1.2.


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