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Messe Berlin Website
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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Forest bathing in the hustle and bustle of the trade fair

The booth of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment teaches young and old about ecological habitats and explains their benefits for the climate.

Is that cry coming from a bird? Is it a seal? Anyone taking part in the wildlife quiz at the stand of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) in Hall 27 has to rely entirely on their hearing. A painted map provides clues to the habitats of the birds and mammals asked.

In general, the Federal Ministry focuses on experiencing nature with all the senses. Forest bathing under the sound shower, a marine lounge or soil samples from the moor provide insights into native habitats of plants and animals. "We want to convey that intact ecosystems are the best climate protection," explains Martina Hildebrand, head of the BMUV's events department. By this she means, among other things, the CO2-storing capabilities of peatlands and forests. The BMUV's "Natural Climate Protection Action Program" contributes to their restoration and expansion.

More space for water

The ecosystems presented include forests and wilderness, oceans, soils and peatlands, urban nature, and rivers and lakes. A moving model shows that straightened waterways are significantly more prone to flooding than natural, meandering rivers. With the "Blue Ribbon Germany" program launched in 2017, the BMUV is primarily renaturalizing little-used tributary waterways.

But it also provides tips on what each individual can do to protect ecosystems and collects ideas from visitors. Paper cards attached to vertically tensioned ropes with clothespins encourage people to plant tree discs, separate waste or use less plastic.

Sustainable trade show booth

The ministry is leading by example. "We rented or recycled as much as we could for our booth at the International Green Week, for example our carpet," says Martina Hildebrand. The cardboard stools go to a social institution after the fair, transport boxes to an urban gardening project. Only organic apples are available as giveaways.

Those who like to tinker can also take home a homemade bag from the BMUV booth. Under the ocean lounge, Material Mafia has set up a sewing and printing workshop. Cell phone cases or shoppers can be sewn from discarded Ministry advertising banners without any previous craft skills. "We want to empower people to make new things themselves from recycled materials," explains director Simone Kellerhoff. She then prints the bags with individual motifs from the exhibition. Her observation: What particularly fascinated the visitors, they later also like to show on their bag.

Visitors will find the BMUV's offerings in Hall 27.

Two women at the stand of BMUV.

Author:Judith Jenner

Animals, Forest & Wood

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